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Why do heroes and knights like robes?

Recently, I was watching the movie The Mandalorian and saw that the character Mando wore metal armor, but behind him there was an extra cape, suddenly in his mind the question was why heroes and knights liked to wear. The cape and I have summarized some quite interesting reasons to share with the following brothers:

Comic artists do this to create personality
Nearly 100 years before the first superhero appeared on the comic was tied to the red cloak, which was magician Mandrake The Magician, launched in 1934. Four years later, Superman Comics DC also was born with the image of a red cape behind his back.

Mandrake is the first superhero in the comics, born in 1934, four years before Superman

In the 30s of the last century, red was chosen to be the cape color for superheroes because it was simpler for printing when publishing comics. The comic author says that the cape will help them create a cool, cool character for their character when appearing in each frame. Especially, Superman can fly, so the shape of the cape will show his skill.

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To make the back less empty
Superman's costume is tight-fitting, red briefs. Imagine if you do not have a cape on your back, how empty it will be, this time will make Superman no longer look like Superman but more like bodybuilder or swimmer. It can be said that the cape is an indispensable accessory to format Superman's brand in the hearts of fans.

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Characteristics of the character
It is not only superheroes or knights that like to wear robes. The villains or anti-heroes also have people wearing robes, such as Magneto, Dr Doom, Hobgoblin, Dr Light, Loki … Their image from the beginning has been attached to the cape.

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Create a feeling the character will be bigger and more majestic
Capes are also used to make the character feel bigger, more majestic. For example, Thor or Superman wearing a cape looks very nice and stately.

Is body armor
Some cloaks also work to protect, are the body armor of the character. For example, Dr Strange's cloak is a magic robe, with a sense of its own and protective of its master. Batman's cape is used for bulletproof and paragliding when landing from above.

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Which character do you like wearing the cape most, share!

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