Why do car exhaust pipes have dripping water?

Why do car exhaust pipes have dripping water?

Car exhaust with water is not a rare phenomenon. So is this a sign that the vehicle is in trouble?

Why do car exhaust pipes have dripping water?

First, to understand why Car exhaust pipes have water, firstly need to understand some basic knowledge about car exhaust components, including:

  • CO (Carbon Monoxide): Because of the lack of oxygen, the combustion reaction is incomplete, so there is a part that cannot be converted into CO.2. That is CO.
  • HC (Hydrogen Carbon does not burn completely): A part of gasoline due to lack of oxygen or ineffective ignition.
  • CO2 (Carbon Dioxide): The final product of gasoline combustion. It is a combination of the initial air in the combustion reaction with the gasoline.
  • H2O: As water, as well as CO2, this is also a product from gasoline oxidation, when it comes out it will be in the form of steam.

When looking at the components above, we can see H2O, ie water present in the final gas product. Next, in the process of gas going into the exhaust system, they will meet the exhaust processor. Here the water will be condensed and other substances will be partially absorbed and pushed out. This completely explains why in Water exhaust / car exhaust has water dripping when the car moves.

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Water discharge pipes are caused by condensation in the exhaust gas processor

Water discharge pipes are caused by condensation in the exhaust gas processor

This will usually be the main cause of the Watery automobile exhaust. In addition, there is another reason that when in the early morning, when the exhaust pipe is still cold, the steam in the exhaust will condense and become discharged.

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Does car exhaust pipe have any effect on the car?

Having understood the obvious reason why there is a phenomenon of water flowing from the exhaust pipe, it can be seen that it is normal for the water to flow from the exhaust pipe. Many experienced car drivers said that Car exhaust pipes have water It also shows the engine is working well and nothing to worry about.

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Water exhaust does not affect the engine

Water exhaust does not affect the engine

Because the car exhaust has water proves that the vehicle’s exhaust component contains less coal and heavy gases. This makes it easier to drain water, which also proves that the car’s vapor kit is still closed and the combustion process does not have any problems (good air-conditioning ratio).

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The phenomenon of car exhaust pipe is normal and does not affect the car engine.

This water flow proves that your car engine works quite well. However, you should still take the car away regular car maintenance scheduled to make sure your car is in the best condition.

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