Why do businesses prefer Panasonic FSV central air conditioners?  - VnReview

Why do businesses prefer Panasonic FSV central air conditioners? – VnReview

With many advantages such as maximum power saving, optimum performance in severe weather conditions, nanoe X air filter technology …, Panasonic FSV central air conditioning system is the first choice of investors. , contractors.

Positioned as a “game changer”, Panasonic’s VRF – FSV central air conditioning system achieves outstanding performance and delivers sustainable energy benefits. In addition, Japan’s leading household electronics brand focuses on optimizing installation and operating costs, ensuring convenience for investors and construction contractors.

Central air conditioning Panasonic FSV owns many outstanding advantages

Mr. Kei Taniguchi – Managing Director of Panasonic Airconditioning Vietnam said: “The VRF – FSV central air conditioning system applies state-of-the-art technologies, constantly improving to meet increasingly strict requirements on pepper consumption. design as well as installation and operation standards of the market. We believe that the product will be a good choice for businesses thanks to its high efficiency, durability and perfect clean air solution. “

Outstanding performance thanks to technical innovations

The central air-conditioning system FSV Panasonic has a wider operating range but still offers outstanding stability and can be operated effectively even when the outdoor temperature is up to 52 degrees Celsius.

This is an achievement after a long period of research and continuous technical improvement. Specifically, the FSV system achieves optimum energy efficiency under partial load conditions, combining an independently controlled inverter compressor that ensures fast and stable cooling. In addition, the cross-section of the heat exchanger is larger with 3 seamless copper tubes, increasing the ability to cool the solvent, helping the system to operate stably in severe weather conditions.

As a design consultant, Mr. Bui Viet Hau – CEO of Sacidelta Company said: “Our company has consulted Panasonic FSV air-conditioning system to design for the state treasury headquarters in Vietnam. Hanoi and Nam Dinh province The product has a high energy-saving efficiency index of 5.3, high self-thermal stability In addition, the outdoor unit operates very well, ensuring 100% efficiency under the sky 43 Therefore, we strongly advise the works to use “.

In addition, he also appreciated the cloud computing solution, helping to connect investors and contractors with its experts to support timely control and troubleshooting, ensure the system works. Stable, save maintenance and maintenance costs.

Compact design ensures aesthetics is the element of choosing the central air conditioner of hotels

Sharing the same point of view, Mr. Nguyen Cao Tuan – Head of Engineering Department of Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Hotel shared: “As a hotel, we set high criteria for aesthetics and operating costs. FSV assures this requirement very well The long pipeline design, one outdoor unit connected to many indoor units can save installation space and also make the construction process simpler. FSV uses inverter technology that optimizes performance, while minimizing power consumption to a minimum.

After a year of operation, I am pleased to find that the system operates very well, even in hot summer days, the outdoor temperature is up to 50 degrees Celsius.

Clean air thanks to nanoe X technology

In 2020, pollution continues to increase at an alarming rate, along with the explosion of the Covid 19 epidemic. This pushes the air conditioning manufacturing enterprises to research technology solutions to help solve the problem. thoroughly address consumer concerns about indoor air quality. In particular, Panasonic made a special impression with the optional nanoe X technology on the cassette air conditioner of the Panasonic FSV central air conditioning system, which was certified for its ability to purify the air, remove odors and inhibit fungi. mold, bacteria, and viruses are difficult to recognize with the naked eye.

In particular, in 2021, Texcell Global Contact Research Organization confirmed that turning on air-conditioning equipped with nanoe X within 8 hours was able to inhibit 91.4% of the activity of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. . Therefore, the optional nanoe X technology on the cassette air conditioner of the central air conditioning system (VRF – FSV generation) is trusted by businesses.

Typically Concordia Hanoi International School, the School Board highly appreciated the air purification ability of the FSV Panasonic FSV air-conditioning system, ensuring a clean and safe environment for students as well as teachers.

The Panasonic Central Air Conditioning is highly regarded by Concordia International School

Assessing the performance of air conditioning system FSV – Panasonic, Mr. William Badger – Head of Community Outreach Department, Concordia Hanoi International School shared: “During a year of construction and market evaluation, I Completely convinced by the Japanese standard quality and the efficiency of the product’s operation The atmosphere is always fresh, very safe for students, teachers, and staff working at the school. international quality education, this is our top priority, and Panasonic has secured it. “

He also expressed his impression of the system’s energy efficiency: “As a member of the EUROCHAM Green Growth Committee, Concordia always prioritizes building operations towards energy efficiency. After a period of operation, we are awarded LOTUS (green building criteria specific to the construction market in Vietnam, developed by the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) – a non-project. profit of the Green Cities Fund (California, USA) and was proposed by GIZ, German Development Agency and the Ministry of Industry and Trade to participate in the consulting process on energy efficiency, as a model.

It can be said that Panasonic has helped us to achieve these international recognition thanks to the efficient energy-efficient central air conditioning system. “

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