Why did Xi Jinping call Merkel?

Why did Xi Jinping call Merkel?

After the Uighurs’ human rights issues worsened EU-China relations, Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday held a phone call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Mr. Xi hopes the EU will “positive” to improve bilateral relations.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and rotating EU President Merkel (Source: Left photo – CCTV screenshot, right photo – Angela Merkel / Flickr)

AFP news agency (France) reported that the phone call between the Chinese leader and the EU leader was the first meeting of the Chinese side with the EU since last month after the EU sanctioned China on the issue of human resources. rights in Xinjiang and China immediately responded to the EU similarly. After that incident, the relationship between China and the EU deteriorated markedly.

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When Xi Jinping spoke to Merkel, observers pointed out that the move was meant to save things. The US is implementing the layout globally, and the EU has joined the US side against China and imposed sanctions on China, America’s longtime ally Japan, which has always been cautious in its words. speaking and acting with China but is now tougher. In that context, it seems that Mr. Xi Jinping holds hope in the EU, especially for Ms. Merkel as the current President of the rotating EU.

Sino-German trade accounts for a large part of China and EU bilateral trade, which Mr. Xi made clear in the phone call, emphasizing the importance of China to the German economy: “For 5 consecutive years China is Germany’s largest trading partner in the world, showing the potential and prospects of Sino-German cooperation”Apparently Mrs Merkel was also very clear about this, very clear about German interests.

After holding the rotating presidency, at the end of last year, Ms. Merkel reached a seven-year Sino-European investment agreement with China. This controversial deal is believed to be related to Ms. Merkel’s push to push, so European public opinion criticizes Ms. Merkel for her soothing views with China.

China’s Xinhua News Agency reported on the phone call saying that Xi Jinping stressed that last year he had “There have been many exchanges with Merkel, having played an important leading role in the development of Sino-German and Sino-European relations”. Apparently Xi hopes that China and Germany will continue to play “leading role ”. He also said, “The enhancement of Sino-German and Sino-European cooperation can help achieve great significance, hopefully Germany as well as Europe will actively work together with China ”.

Before US President Biden officially took office, China had a big plan to strengthen relations with the EU, to form a new triangle between China – US – EU. The two parties in the US both have a high consensus with the Chinese side, but after Mr. Biden took office, China no longer held too much hope in the improvement of bilateral relations, at first the Chinese side could have. a little bit of hope for Biden, but this hope is increasingly fragile. Then, using China’s enormous economic might to strengthen relations with the moderate EU would at least break the US plan to isolate China on the economic level.

The EU, which was recognized by the Trump administration as unfairly treating the US, also hopes to soon reach a China-EU investment agreement before Biden comes to power, to avoid that after Biden’s rise. requires additional human rights factors. As a result, under Ms. Merkel’s push, this controversial deal was passed. Indeed, the US has shown a dissatisfied attitude.

Mr. Xi Jinping telephoned Merkel, hoping to salvage this relationship. Therefore, Mr. Xi said that China – EU relations are facing new development opportunities, and also facing many challenges. What Xi particularly wants to emphasize is: China and the EU “Mutual respect, elimination of interference. The development of China is an opportunity for the EU, hoping that the independent EU will make a correct judgment, and really achieve strategic autonomy.

After the failure of the Sino-US dialogue in Alaska, China realized that the US was building a siege of China in Europe and Asia, but Xi’s statement showed that it still seemed able to attack the EU, therefore, Mr. Xi emphasized that the EU should independently make a correct judgment, implying that it should not follow the US, but should “exercise strategic autonomy ”.

Compared with the prevailing wolves style, Xi Jinping’s two sentences are very peaceful, but a close look also shows very non-diplomatic, like teaching the EU, advising the EU to recommend. “Should independently make the right judgment“, Giving one the feeling that the EU is still in its infancy, so it should be “Realize strategic autonomy in a real way”.

The German side has not revealed what Ms. Merkel said over the phone, but the first statement mentioned by the Xinhua News Agency was: “Ms. Merkel said that the EU maintains autonomy in foreign relations“, There is no doubt that this sentence is a rebuttal to Xi’s sentence, which is also consistent with the reality of the EU, since the EU is the largest economy in the world, the economic exchange in the EU has also been very large, which is why This does not mean that the EU does not need to trade with China, not that the EU does not know the EU has a chance from China, but China also needs the corresponding EU, the EU is also an opportunity for China. In terms of strategy, if independently referring to security issues, among EU member states, France is both a permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations and an independent military system. In general, the EU has a long and strong military cooperation relationship with the United States through NATO. In terms of intimacy, the EU is an ally of the US, this is not only made up of historical factors, but more importantly, the proximity of the value system, although there are conflicts between the US and Europe. agree on the concept of human rights and democratic values.

Perhaps China should wonder, the Chinese economy is growing stronger and more developed, whether the EU or the US both need the Chinese market, both need to do business with China, but why is it decreasing in interest. interesting to China? Why is the relationship between Europe America and China deteriorating? The core issue is still the value system. This particular detonator is a human rights issue in Xinjiang.

In more than 30 years since 1964, this is the first time the EU has imposed sanctions on China on human rights issues in Xinjiang, for 27 member states can agree to make a unanimous decision. Such concentration is a very important move; while the Chinese side passed the imposition of retaliatory sanctions against the EU against some members of the EU Parliament, prominent EU researchers and scholars, shows that they deny their own serious human rights issues. They, with analysis showing that the move to retaliate had ruined the amicable climate achieved from the bilateral investment agreement that the two sides reached at the end of last year. Then there was a wave of boycotts of foreign goods provoked by the Chinese state media, which made Beijing’s image even more hideous to the world.

For the Chinese regime that maintains a confrontational position in the United States, its retaliation in EU sanctions appears on the surface to show a rough step, but is in fact a crude step backwards. Whether the China-EU investment agreement can be approved or not, it remains to be seen, but the outlook seems bleak.

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