Why did the US renew START under Russian terms?

Why did the US renew START under Russian terms?

(International Relations) – The US’s agreement to extend the START III Strategic Assault Weapons Reduction Treaty at Russia’s request is considered a victory for the Kremlin.

On January 26, Russian President Vladimir Putin and the US Joseph Biden had their first phone call, in which they discussed the Strategic Attack Weapons Reduction and Limitation Treaty (START III). Washington agreed to extend the agreement for five years under the terms proposed by Moscow and the Russian leader submitted a relevant bill for discussion at the State Duma.

In an interview with NewInform, prominent Israeli military-political expert – Mr. Yakov Kedmi explained why President Biden along with his team agreed to extend START III almost immediately after. at the beginning of his term. Expert Kedmi for sure it is all about Russia’s strategic military superiority over the United States.

“After Russia has absolute strategic military dominance over the United States, they have no choice but to remove the military component from the Strategy concerning Russia.”

“There are still two other areas of pressure on Russia to lead to its political defeat and collapse: economic pressure and domestic political pressure – to support and consolidate all forces. anti-state, “said the political scientist.

The political site Segodnya has written about how the Biden-Putin phone calls were presented by the Western media. CNN reporters described the dialogue as “a sign of the troubled situation between Washington and Moscow”.

The US New York Post (NYP) even called Joe Biden “Commander-in-Chief”, who “insisted his administration was in compliance with Ukraine’s sovereignty” and “put pressure on Putin”, but gave in. Recently played large set seems to indicate another truth.

Why did My extend START according to Russian terms?
The US had to agree to extend the START III Treaty on Russia’s proposal

It should be recalled that the 2010 START III Treaty was signed by the leaders of Russia and the United States, Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama. The document controls two of the world’s largest nuclear arsenals.

Under the treaty, the total number of strategic and offensive weapons should not exceed 700 submarine ballistic missiles, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and heavy bombers deployed. The two sides must not have more than 1,550 warheads.

The 45th US President Donald Trump announced his intention to create a new trilateral nuclear treaty between Russia, China and the US, but Beijing rejected his idea.

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