Why did the Russian Su-34 suddenly join the US Air Force?

Why did the Russian Su-34 suddenly join the US Air Force?

Mississippi Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith warmly congratulated the United States Air Force Reserve Command on Twitter, but especially the congratulation posted in the background of the camera photo. Russian fighter “Fullback” Su-34.

“Happy 73rd birthday @USAFReserve! Thank you to all the substitutes who are always ready to serve our country! ” – wrote Ms. Hyde-Smith.

After the backlash of the Twitter user community pointed out the “ridiculous, unacceptable” error, the senator hastily deleted the post from her personal page, however, users of social media America has promptly saved this “memorable moment”.

Most commenters sarcasm that the mistake is due to the Republican party “truly belongs to Russia”, while others call it “a national fun” by mistaking Russian weapons for American’s own.

Why did the Russian Su-34 emerge from the United States?
Photos and greetings of Ms. Hyde-Smith on Twitter

In fact, this is not the first time that American politicians have made such elementary flaws, the most recent similar mistake that happened with former US President Donald Trump.

In September 2020, the election staff of former US President Donald Trump was found to use the photo of the MiG-29 fighter jet and in November 2020, the Russian AK-74 submachine gun was used in the war. campaign for the US Presidential election.

From September 8 to September 12, Internet users in the US came across advertisements asking for US military assistance. Posters show soldiers holding machine guns, with airplanes in the background. On the picture also has the words: “Please support our army!”.

Experts interviewed by the American newspaper Politico concluded that the photo was a Russian-made MiG-29, while the soldiers were holding Russian AK-74s.

Why did the Russian Su-34 emerge from the United States?
Promotional posters for the US Army’s Russian weapons

The ad, experts say, used images taken from stock images on the Internet and possibly Afghanistan. The US Army special forces, while operating in this country, prefer to use Russian Kalashnikov rifles over the US M16 rifles or Chinese weapons.

The designers working in Trump’s election headquarters are not military-savvy editors, so they took a photo taken in Afghanistan, on which a US special-service soldier is carrying a rifle. attack Kalashnikov-Russia.

They also did not know the difference between the Russian MiG-29 twin-engine fighter and the US single-engine F-16 fighter, so they picked up the most popular photo online and put together two pictures. together, forming a “unique” promotional poster.

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