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Why did Mr. Trump change his attitude towards the US-China trade agreement?

At a White House cabinet meeting on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump said that although the trade deal with China was in effect, a new corona virus (Chinese virus) broke out. So far, makes your sense of this deal “very different“Compared with before, moreover he is extremely disappointed with Beijing.

US President Donald Trump (Image: White House)

President Trump: The meaning of the agreement is no longer great

Mr. Trump said, the US-China trade agreement started operating, the Chinese side bought a lot, “But my sense of deal with this deal is different from 3 months ago. We wait and see what happens. ”

Mr. Trump explained, this agreement for him is no longer important. “[Thỏa thuận] This used to make people excited, this is one of the biggest deals in history [của Mỹ]… But once the disease got in, I called it a pandemic, I said ‘they [Trung Quốc] How can this be possible? ’”

Mr. Trump continued to question, why did China (the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP) prevent the virus from Wuhan from spreading nationwide, but did not prevent it from spreading to other regions across the globe, including the US?

“Why don’t they (the CCP) not give [chuyên gia] our [Trung Quốc], help them solve this problem? Therefore, I am extremely disappointed with China (CCP). ”

“This is a situation that is extremely disappointing. The incident with China is very disappointing, because this pandemic has entered [nước Mỹ]. This should not happen. This can inherently be prevented [tại Trung Quốc]. ” Mr. Trump said.

Mr. Trump said that the US-China trade agreement, although one of the largest trade agreements, is not as big as the US-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade deal, which can make people feel amazed. But the U.S.-China agreement over time may turn into a larger scale, from some point of view, the potential there has just begun, so it has only once excited people .

Trump also told reporters on May 15 that he lost interest in the U.S.-China trade deal. White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany explained, this is because Mr. Trump was frustrated by Beijing’s method of handling the disease.

A spokesman for Kayleigh McEnany said that China (CCP) delayed the release of information that viruses could be transmitted from person to person, the whole world knew that this characteristic of the virus was very important in the prevention of epidemics, but Even the World Health Organization (WHO) publishes information very slowly. We were still unaware, until a Shanghai professor published information about the viral genome sequence.

In January of this year, US President Donald Trump and Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu He signed a US-China trade agreement for the first phase in Washington, which is considered to be a milestone agreement, making peace postponed Image tension in trade war between the US and China.

The Chinese side agreed that in the next two years, based on the purchase of goods in 2017, it would buy at least US $ 200 billion more of US goods and services, and it is expected that in the next 2 years, the Chinese side will continue Continue to increase buying. Products that China buys from the US mainly focus on four manufacturing sectors, agriculture, energy and services.

The US has also canceled the schedule of 15% tariff increase for Chinese goods imported into the US with a value of nearly 160 billion USD expected from December 15 last year. This tariff relates to products imported from China such as phones, laptops, toys, and clothing.

The US side also committed to reduce tariffs that the US began to apply from September 1, 2019 to US $ 120 billion of Chinese goods, a reduction from 15% to 7.5%.

The CCP stole US vaccine development research, failing to comply with its commitment to anger the White House

In the first phase agreement between the US and China, the Chinese side also committed to stop stealing intellectual property rights, avoiding competitive dumping against the Yuan, and not taking advantage of foreign exchange to prevail. Commerce.

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro on May 17 interviewed on ABC’s “This Week” made it clear that in addition to the CCP causing the global virus pandemic, another thing made him feel acting. of the CCP is too much, “On January 15, China and the United States signed a trade agreement and pledged not to continue stealing our ownership (the US), which is a huge part of the trade deal.”

“But guess what happened? The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation in a report said that the Chinese government launched an attack on US intellectual property to steal vaccine information. What will they use it for? “ Mr. Peter Navarro said, “They will use this vaccine to make a big profit, holding back this world.”

The Trump administration has always considered ways to punish the CCP or demand compensation for hiding the epidemic leading to the global pandemic.

“There are many things we can do,” President Trump gave an interview with Fox News last Thursday (May 14), “We can cut the whole relationship [với Trung Quốc]”.

The Trump administration has taken steps to counter the CCP, including notifying the Federal Investment and Retirement Savings Commission (FRTIB) of stopping investing in risky Chinese stocks.

White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow said that although the US and China have reached a trade agreement, they will still be in charge of the CCP’s responsibility for this pandemic.

“The investigation will be conducted over a period of time, we will see what the result is.”, said Larry Kudlow.

“Our trade agreement with China remains, but the Chinese side will be prosecuted for responsibility.”

Lam Nghien (According to Epoch Times)

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