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Why did Google decide to expose the Pixel 4 this time?

Google is doing something very different from the tradition of the mobile industry: the official display of an unreleased product, which was previously protected at all costs. Revealing unreleased product images is very rare when it can affect sales of existing products, but for many reasons, including making users expect more than Google decided to do so.


As we know, the phone companies never reveal the official image of an unreleased product, is it just a vague image, or a certain illustration before launching a few days. But Google revealed the pre-Pixel Pixel 4 months ago, the ability to hit Pixel 4 until the fall.

Pixel 3 has an unimpressive design, Google wants to change that

Over the past several months, we've heard a lot, know a lot about the rumors related to the Pixel 4, Google knows that. And with this official revelation, maybe they bring us an expectation. This image shows a huge upgrade with a very important feature on a smartphone camera, the Pixel 3 has only one camera and the Pixel 4 will have two cameras and in a cluster of squares, iPhone 2019 will also have clusters. Such orange square. Clearly with that image, users will expect and be more excited about the Pixel 4, especially for those who have used Pixel 3 and know its impressive imaging capabilities.

5 reasons to choose Pixel 3: camera, save free image, original Android, good build, cheap price

But why is Google not afraid that it affects Pixel 3 sales? There is an effect called Osborne when the user will not buy the current product but will wait for the new product. Google is risking this time, partly because the Pixel 3 sales are also not really good and the design is not impressive. Pixel 3a is another story because it's mid-range, the Pixel 4 will be high-end.

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The front of Pixel 4 will have a screen with holes

With the exception of good cameras and original software, the Pixel 3 is heavily criticized for its outdated and low-end design. There aren't any breakthroughs and modernities in the design of the Pixel 3, if any, disaster (rabbit ears on Pixel 3 XL). With the image revealing the Pixel 4, plus previous rumors, Google showed the opposite: high-end metal design, fingerprintless, dual-camera cluster and screen overflow … More importantly, They show that their new device will be on par with other smartphones in terms of design, for example OnePlus 7 Pro, Galaxy S10, iPhone Xs.

In addition, Google wants to get hands on from Apple. The rumors all show that the iPhone 2019 will have a square cam cluster and Google wants to go one step ahead, if not yet officially released, an official image is enough.

In summary, the Pixel team will have a lot of changes this year and Google wants to show it to the world: the seven-ball back, the square cam, the overflow screen, the fingerprint on the back … just like So Google can price it around 800-1000 USD like Apple, Samsung is doing.


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