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Why did Apple design the "ugly" camera cluster on iPhone 11 Pro / How much is the "3-camera" cluster on the iPhone 11 Pro Max? / Netizens create camera images on iPhone 11 Pro / Looking at the rear camera cluster of iPhone 11 Pro, what do netizens think about?

The most significant change on the iPhone 11 is the ability to take photos significantly improved compared to its predecessor. But this is also the most controversial detail in recent years. Accordingly, the camera on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max is arranged by Apple on a block "eye-catching" and 3 lenses protruding so much that many people think that it looks quite rough and unsightly.

iPhone 11 Pro with controversial camera cluster

Meanwhile, many Android smartphones also have 3, even 4 cameras, with a more sophisticated design than the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. But Apple has a good reason to organize the camera in such a zig-zag fashion.

According to Mashable, the zig-zag layout will help the camera zoom from the center. If on Android phones, the lenses are usually arranged in vertical or horizontal lines, the user will have to adjust the focus to the left or to the right for the image to be balanced. Although this is only a small detail, if you are a photographer, you will see a great difference.

Samsung Galaxy A9 even has up to 4 rear cameras

The photos taken by the new iPhone will be better. Apple updated its Deep Fusion technology, which allows smartphones to take up to nine photos (including a long exposure) and stitch them into one. Through an AI-based analysis system, the phone creates an optimal image, ensuring the best details are captured to produce the perfect image. Phil Schiller, president of Apple's marketing, emphasized that this is "crazy" in photography.

This year's iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max feature three 12MP cameras on the back. These include a wide angle camera, an ultra wide angle camera and a zoom camera. Besides, Apple's software performance is also smoothly combined with hardware, promising to elevate the user experience to a new level.


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