Why Diablo Immortal does not appear on stage BlizzCon 2019

Leading the Diablo Immortal team, Wyatt Cheng, updated the reason why the game did not appear on BlizzCon 2019's main stage.

When the gameplay trailer and cinematic introduction of Diablo IV were present at the BlizzCon opening ceremony, the fans there and online were overjoyed.

But another game, the mobile version of Diablo, didn't receive it at BlizzCon last year.

In an update on Diablo Immortal's Reddit community, Wyatt Cheng explained why Immortal was not with Diablo IV and other Blizzard games.

He said he was asked a lot at the event, and said the Immortal team "wanted to make sure Diablo 4 had enough space to make a clear announcement." He also shared that they didn't want to "risk misleading." about features, plot, etc. between D4 and Immortal. ”

Cheng also said that the demo played for Immortal was available at BlizzCon 2019, including the Demon Hunter class and the ultimate attack attacks.

Wyatt also received other questions, including a quizzical question asking if he owned a mobile phone. If Wyatt doesn't know, the clip below has made him famous by asking questions about whether or not people own a phone.

Publish mobile game at BlizzCon 2018 criticized by the Diablo community. It was not due to the decision to make the port, but the reason Diablo was considered a hot topic right before the BlizzCon, but the development team did not share any new PC content.

In a recent update, Wyatt acknowledged that "announcing last year was really tough," but thanks to all the fans on reddit and everyone who attended BlizzCon for their continued support and interest in the game.

In the end, he shared about the time of launch, and said that it is still not available. He said the rumors said the game was "basically done" was wrong, and more information would be shared in the coming months.

Diablo Immortal is currently available for pre-registration

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