Why choose Cherry Switch for mechanical keyboard

Why choose Cherry Switch for mechanical keyboard

Cherry switches are getting more and more accessible than ever before, so when we compare them to other more and more quality switches like Gateron and Kaith, why should we choose Cherry Switch to use?

On the market today Switch Cherry is not the best and most expensive Switch. Typically, Switch Topre is manufactured directly in Japan and currently has Leopold and Realforce producing commercially. But this is still the most used Switch available today, although other companies are increasingly developing their Switches like Gateron or Kaith.

When choosing your own keyboard, one of the things we care about most is the switch of that keyboard. This is also the part that directly interacts with users after keycap and also most likely to fail. Most brands now use circuit boards and other quality components, so under normal conditions these parts will be hard to break down like Switch. Therefore, Cherry Switch has many advantages.

Spring uniformity

According to the anandtech site that has implemented the force measurement of Switch Cherry, this is the type of switch that has the most accurate pressing force compared to the number of publishers and the uniformity of the switches is also very high when the error is only 3 % compared to almost 8-10% of other firms.

switch cherry

The above figure is the actual pressing force of Cherry's Red Switch keyboard at about 43.5cN and the force to press the manufacturer announced it is 45cN (only 1.61% difference). The difference between switches is also very small.

Cherry switch with gold plated contacts

Inside the Cherry Switch is gold plated and difficult to oxidize, making sure this contact is much more durable than other Switches. Especially the environmental conditions in Vietnam have many wet seasons, so if you do not preserve the keyboard well, the keyboards using other switches will likely be corroded or double-clicked.


Currently the quality of other Switches is significantly improved, many people even prefer Gateron's Black Switch or Kaith Box's Blue Switch more than Cherry's respective counterparts. Choosing a Switch now relies more on the feelings and preferences of each person

But for the average user and not learning too much about mechanical keyboards, Cherry Switch is still the safest and most secure choice.

switch cherry
IKBC CD87 with a price of only about 1.5 million has been equipped with Cherry Switch and very high durability

The keyboard models using Chery Switch are also cheaper and more accessible, but still cost 3-4 times higher than other popular mechanical keys, but the quality brings about especially long-term use. models using Cherry Switch proved superior.

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