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Why can you foresee the future? Hideo Kojima: Focus on science and society!

Recently, Hideo Kojima answered questions from netizens on Instagram “Why can you foresee future trends”. Kojima said that he thinks it is not difficult for everyone to predict what will happen tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, because they are a direct continuation of today. But if you change the time to five or ten years, the difficulty will be different. “For me, I always try to follow up on the latest reports in science, social news, social structures or daily life, looking for’signs’ of how the world will change tomorrow.”


Kojima said that he pays particular attention to advanced technology, medical treatment, space exploration, robotics and AI research. “Many technologies are not widely known, but their research is far deeper than we expected. Even if some of the research has not yet been realized, researchers have already acquired a lot of necessary concepts. I was invited to a company before. In the laboratory, I feel like I am in a scientific world. If you look carefully, you can find a lot of “seeds (signs)” all over the world. I use these “seeds” as the cornerstone, and then give it a certain driving force, Catalyst. As for this, you need a little imagination to make up stories.”


“If an invention or idea becomes a reality, what impact will it have on our daily lives? You can make predictions based on these’seeds’ and create science fiction works.” Hideo Kojima also cited many examples in this article. For example, the writer Michael Clayton was inspired by The Andromeda Strain when he heard the news of the fall of an artificial satellite. After Komatsu Sakyo understood the theory of mantle convection, he created “The Sinking of Japan” and so on.

“How will the emergence of a new technology change our daily life and lifestyle? Will it affect schools, companies, families, and the battlefield? What problems will it cause? SF is not just an abbreviation of’Science Fiction’, but also It could be’Speculative Fiction’.”

“This is the basic step of my plot creation, and there is nothing difficult. For me, this is not a prediction, but just a fantasy work created based on science and conjecture. Sometimes it comes true, I It just happened to be right.”

“I just fantasize about the future in an entertaining way. I am not a prophet.” Hideo Kojima wrote at the end of the article.


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