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Why can an “inverted tricycle” be legally driven on the road?

Many bikers are curious why“Inverted Tricycle”Is it legal to drive on the road? That’s because cars were severely congested after cars were banned. ZhTricycle—A model combining many advantages such as car stability and safety, and flexibility and speed of a motorcycle.

Let’s take a closer look“Inverted three-wheeled motorcycles”, as well as shoppers, understand the various inverted three-wheeled types in three minutes.

Why can an

Early three rounds in 1904

First of all, we know that the predecessor of the inverted three-wheeled motorcycle is the wheel behind the two wheels in front of the “back riding donkey”. It does not belong to the conventional tricycle, nor is it a traditional motorcycle. It is a new form that can realize the integration of cars and motorcycles through a special tilting device, that is, part of the car body can tilt and swing + part of the car body is stable and not inclined. The most important point of the inverted three-wheel model is to look at the suspension structure of the front two wheels.

Why can an

It is divided into two types, one is a front double-wheel single rocker suspension structure, and the other is a front two-wheel double-arm suspension structure, and the latter is superior to the former in many aspects:

(1) The latter is better than the former in both horizontal and vertical directions, making the control more precise and the road feel stronger.

(2) The latter has a lower center of gravity than the former, which further improves the stability of the vehicle in corners and at high speeds. In the automotive field, the front two-wheel dual-wishbone suspension structure is also a symbol of high-end vehicles. Many supercars use this. Kind of suspension structure.

Why can an

It can be understood now: “Inverted three-wheeled motorcycle” adds a front wheel to the conventional basis, so that the front wheel can have twice the grip at any time. At the same time, when the vehicle is cornering, it can change the center of gravity by tilting the body to resist centrifugal force, and the handling is more flexible. The front suspension of the two groups adopts a parallelogram connection to the center steering arm (the design of different brands is different), and some models can also connect the two sets of front shock absorption to each other.

Why can an

Compared with the two suspension principles, the multi-link mode shown in the figure below from the technical point of view has better shock absorption. When cornering, the front wheel is compressed on one side and the other side is automatically opened. The tilt of the vehicle body can make the vehicle very effective during driving. Flexible, but when the vehicle is parked, the body needs to be kept upright. This requires a device to switch the vehicle’s tilt or upright state. This device is called the front wheel inclination lock system.

After solving the key tiltable body technology, the car suspension technology was used to reverse the three wheels. Its complexity and design philosophy are also in the same vein as the car. The two sets of seemingly independent front wheels have thousands of wheels. Inextricably linked.

Thanks to the car-level suspension design, even if the vehicle passes through bumpy roads, the driver and passenger can get a driving experience close to “such as flat ground”. When the vehicle is parked, the system locks the front wheel tilt angle without using the vehicle center. support. The system locks the inclination of the front wheels when the driver stops briefly, so the driver does not need to put his feet on the ground.

Why can an

The current safety technologies applied in the three rounds are: ABS anti-lock device,CBSLinkage braking system,TCSTracking control system,DTWThe front wheel synchronous tilt system and the emergency brake automatic warning system are all different.

ABSThe brake system is also an indispensable configuration for the safety of three-wheeled vehicles.ABSThe braking system can ensure that the tire does not lock up during emergency braking, thereby reducing the risk of vehicle skidding during braking. Traditional motorcyclesABSThe front and rear brakes of the system operate independently. Now some inverted three-wheel models provide foot brakes in addition to the dual manual brakes. When the foot brakes are activated, the front and rear brakes are controlled to work together, so that they have more confidence when braking.

Why can an

Reverse three-wheeled motorcycles achieve “unsupported parking” through mechanical levers or electronic parking, and there is no difficulty in parking. With this technology, inverted three-wheeled motorcycles can also stop and go like a car without worrying about external forces. Affects the safety of the vehicle parking, even if it can not be overturned with a large external force.

Why can an

According to the survey, among the common three-wheeled motorcycles on the market, the convenient vehicle functions used are: driving computer, OBD diagnostics, smart key, keyless start, tire pressure monitoring, daytime running lights, intelligent integrated instruments ( Time temperature, maintenance tips, cruising range, fuel consumption, over temperature alarm, function indication, etc.).

Even the most detailed and extremely abnormal windshield can be adjusted, the footrest can be adjusted, the waistrest can be adjusted, the storage box cover can be adjusted./Automatic fuel cap opening, mobile phone holder, wide-angle rear-view mirror and other configurations have also become standard on some inverted three-wheeled motorcycles.

Why can an

As a means of transportation between two-wheeled motorcycles and four-wheeled vehicles, the inverted three-wheeled motorcycle is bound to attract the attention of some car drivers, so various configurations of the automobile class are also essential.

Keyless start, electronic parking, automotive-grade instruments, integrated fuel mileage display system, automotive-grade rear-view mirrors, tire pressure monitoring, and large-capacity storage space have all become the proper configuration for inverted three-wheeled motorcycles.

Why can an

Car drivers want faster passage on congested roads, while motorcycle drivers want more stable, solid, and safe vehicle handling. The inverted three-wheeled motorcycle with tiltable body is stable, flexible, The safe and complete vehicle characteristics can fully meet the requirements of the above two types of people.

It is bound to attract more drivers to favor this model, it can easily completely replace cars and two-wheeled motorcycles in a variety of use environments.

And the country has now promulgated new technical standards, and three-wheeled motorcycles can be legally driven on the road!

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