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Why are there pills that need to be crushed to drink, and there is only one that can be swallowed

You probably all had a pill, and many of you probably saw or did something like breaking a pill or opening a capsule and drinking it so it would be easier to swallow. . But in fact, if doing so is not the right way because unless the drug is allowed, when you crush or cut it will break the structure of the drug, reducing the ability to cure, sometimes leading to poisoning.

Most of the pills you can cut or crush to take are easy for children, but often for older children and adults will have to take it according to the situation. medicine, regardless of whether it is a tablet or capsule form (solution or injection does not say). The main reason is because when researchers produce drugs, they all have to take into account the time the drug "absorbed" into people for healing. In order for the drug to have enough time to disintegrate, metabolize as well as allow the body time to absorb the medicinal substances of the drug, they are required to make membranes or add substances inside the tablet.

For the end user who is the patient, it is sometimes impossible to see the drug's membranes and binders (except for the capsule type, which we often call a capsule, its gelatin shell). When we cut or crush invisible medicine we removed this membrane or adhesive, causing the drug to break its inherent structure. For example, we often see that the drug is prescribed to be taken twice a day, 8 or 12 hours apart, which is the amount of time the tablet will decay gradually, gradually removing the membrane to "absorb" enough of the substance into the muscle. So, if we crush the drug in the time that the pill will decay because the substances in the stomach will be shorter, the drug will be released massively rather than slowly as usual. Not to mention the problem of drug interactions with other drugs with food, food or even with other forms of pathology will increase the pharmacological properties or decrease the pharmacological properties. If massively released in a short time plus increased drug interaction, the likelihood of drug poisoning is very high. Mild, dizzy, dizziness, allergy, sometimes have to go to hospital for emergency bowel washing.

Therefore, when receiving a prescription, we should ask for sure which route is used, how many times a day, before or after eating, and in addition, can cut, bite or crush the drug. out to use if we're in the form of a baby throat : D. If necessary, ask your doctor to prescribe a different form with a more appropriate form to effectively treat the disease.

Recall so that you pay attention to use the right dose of the drug, at the right time to achieve the best treatment effect. Wishing you a healthy life, less medicine : D. If you want to share more, please comment together to improve everyone's understanding.

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