Why are cars shaking when running on the road?

Why are cars shaking when running on the road?

Car vibration is an important sign that some important parts of the car are in trouble.

The phenomenon of cars shaking when moving will make you feel very uncomfortable because the feeling when traveling on highways is straight like when you have to go on rough and hilly roads. In addition, if you do not find the causes of car vibration early, you may have to spend a lot of money to repair the more serious errors.

Therefore, it is important to initially feel the changes in your vehicle and identify the fault from the beginning. Although the initial diagnosis is often a little complicated, if you can know the exact cause of the car vibration will save you a significant cost as well as your time. So why are cars floating?

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Car engine

Many people may think this may not be the cause for a car to shake. But the engine is intimately connected to the driving experience. Because the operation of turning hundreds of different parts at different speeds will give the car certain vibrations. If the engine is working normally, these vibrations will be very low and will not make people feel in the car. But if the engine has a problem, that vibration will be huge and make the driver feel uncomfortable.

Car shake may be due to engine problemCar shake may be due to engine problem

The symptoms that the car is shaken because the engine has a problem: the engine jerked when accelerating, vibrating to each beat like going to the edge of the deceleration … When these signs appear, that is to have come when you have to change the new spark plug and should check the details of cars such as plug plugs, gasoline filters for cars …

Car brakes

If the brake disc is warped, your car will shake quite a lot. The reason is that the brake disc will then be bent compared to the original shape, due to the high temperature operating condition. Meanwhile, the surface of the brake disc will be concave and the brake pads cannot be tightened on the disc. Because of that, the car will appear shaking.

A warped brake disc will cause the car to shakeA warped brake disc will cause the car to shake

The phenomenon of vibration due to braking can come from a number of signals, such as the brake being shaken when activated. If the user presses the brake pedal then, the brake pedal will bounce slightly and vibrate. The stronger the pressure, the more the car will vibrate. At that time, the best way to overcome the car is caused by braking is to replace the new brake disc as well as other related details.

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The drive shaft transfers the power of the engine to the front and rear wheels to help the vehicle move. Therefore, the role of the axle is quite important and directly affects the stability of cars. That’s why when the shaft is bent, the car will shake.

The shaft is bent, the car will be shakenThe shaft is bent, the car will be shaken

Problems with the vehicle shaft axle problems are often caused by worn copper joints and torn inserts. This will lead to dirt and dust falling directly into the shaft and damaging the coupling. If the car user does not maintain the car properly, it will lead to damage to the drive axle system, which will cost a lot to replace.

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Vehicle vibration may be due to the wheel itself has a problem. This signals that your wheel bearings have either slipped off or misaligned. If the vehicle is skewed too much, it should be replaced. In addition, the problem with the wheel may also be due to the worn out tip of the rotor, which will cause the car to bob and increase the speed, the more the car will vibrate. So to be able to best overcome the phenomenon of car vibration caused by the wheel is replacing new tires.

Vehicle vibration may be due to the wheel itself has a problem

Vehicle vibration may be due to the wheel itself has a problem

One of the main causes of vehicle vibration is tire failure. Tire problems that cause the car to shake are cracked, torn tires, unevenly worn tires, unevenly rolled tires, and unevenly rolled tires. Each problem will have a corresponding and most appropriate solution. To get the best solution for your car, you need to take your car to a service center so that technicians can check with specialized equipment to find the most accurate cause.

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