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At WWDC 2019 last week, Apple announced the new Mac Pro desktop with Pro Display XDR screen and Pro Stand display stand. Among them, the Pro Stand is truly a sophisticated technology product both in terms of design and machining techniques.

Apple talks about this base as follows: "The Pro Stand makes all adjustments to your screen seamless. Precise tilt and height allow 120mm adjustment to help Pro Display XDR be compatible with any viewing angle. The viewing angle of the screen stays true even if you adjust the height. With Pro Stand, you have a light screen, move it simply to where you want, and stand where you put it.".

There is nothing worth mentioning if this stand is priced at up to 999 USD. CNN news immediately reported that "Apple screen stand is more expensive than an iPhone that makes the online community up"The Engadget news site will comment"A 999 USD screen stand is all wrong with Apple today"Gizmodo news site also has an article with the title"$ 1,000 is too much money for a screen stand".

Exactly. That's a lot of money for a screen stand!


But he was angry because the paranoid price was an absurd act. Try looking at it from an industrial design and Apple's own corporate culture to see why.

First of all, the Pro Stand kickstand is not designed for ordinary consumers. Certainly it is not designed for most people who are reading this article. Apple's Pro line is designed for the "professional" world, for those who are very expensive, and for big-name companies that can spend five-digit amounts to buy a workstation without hesitation. . It is for those who really need up to 28 processor cores with the Mac Pro equipped. They will spend money because they will soon be able to get it back, or because they are people who see money as no problem.


Jonathan Ive is probably one of the most powerful designers on the planet in terms of influence. No wonder Steve Jobs, before his death, said that within Apple, don't interfere with Ive's work. No accountant can tell Ive "No, I don't think so".



So what do you think Ive thought when designing this crazy stand? "Can a cheap item be sold at a supermarket?"No. His goal is to design the most amazing screen base that is very expensive to buy. Ive probably decided to design an ultimate screen stand, with the end. The hinge connection is machined, which is many times more accurate than what all other designers are doing.One thing that a group of engineers will have to light up countless nights to enlighten. Jonathan Ive has that ability. Most other designers don't.


That's why no industrial designer can envy Ive. We may be jealous of you, but we cannot hate him. What would you do if it was Ive, with both a mountain of resources and such a terrible influence?

Take a look at the exhaust vents on the Mac Pro and on the screen. In the promotional video, Ive said that the hole of the case was machined with CNC milling machines on both sides. Do you think of any cheaper way? Definitely yes. But the problem was that he didn't have to think about it. Ive worked for Apple, where his ability allowed him to do whatever he wanted. Whether you like Ive's design choices, or the production techniques he offers, Ive's power is still the dream of every designer.


So why "stoned"?

What is happening to Apple is exactly what is happening to our society. The distance between the rich and the poor is getting further and further away. Apple does not design for the poor. They probably don't even want to design for the middle class. They designed for those who could buy 1,000 USD phones.

People are angry with Apple because they are and will be abandoned by a brand they once loved. It doesn't have to happen after just one night; everything happens slowly.


Apple items are always more expensive than competitors, but for many people, once they have enough money to shop for computers and technology items for themselves, they will save to buy Apple and don't want to consider anything else. By following these people, all Apple items work perfectly as they wish. Steve Jobs is not a friendly person, but he is a genius of user experience. After years of listening to cassette or CD music, iTunes and iPod are something that many people dream of. iPhone, iPad, MacBook, all work as expected by users without them having to scratch so much.

Gradually, this began to change. Apple's operating system became heavy. iTunes is becoming more and more difficult to use, with a constantly changing interface that requires users to grop from time to time. Many people have to rely on Google to learn the basics of their iPhone, or fix the small bugs on Macs. The original adage of Apple – "You do not need manuals"- seems to have disappeared. Many people think it's because they are old, when today's young people – the generation that grows up with technology – have no problems using new devices.


But the fact is that Apple has evolved, and a portion of users cannot keep up with them, or there is not enough potential to do so. Apple has never said they are a company with products for the majority. When he was alive, Steve Jobs mentioned Mercedes-Benz that the company sold cars at a much higher price than its rivals. With thousand-dollar iPhones, and now a thousand-dollar stand, Apple is slowly entering the high-end market, selling high-quality goods to the wealthy. It is really a wise business model, and that market is really very lucrative. Investopedia, after studying data from Boston Consulting Group, came to the conclusion that 1,700 people become billionaires every day!

With normal jobs, you will never become one of them. Does that make you sad? Sure. Still angry? Probably not. We are living at the same time as a talented industrial designer, holding huge resources, with vast power, not bound by anyone. Apple's recent products and their prices represent the design that is not constrained by economic constraints.

Many of us must have made the screen base ourselves from pine logs. This type of stand does not need a swivel or magnet, because we do not need to rotate the screen or remove it. It doesn't change its height either because we have carefully measured the necessary height and sawed the wood by itself, according to that intention. Like Jonathan Ive, we use our resources to create what we want, and that's perfect for ourselves.


After all, the "kick of bricks" that the Pro Stand base is suffering from may come from a part of the selfish people who want to own the Pro Stand's superb design and processing techniques, but cannot Touch it. Don't be like that, because once you step on that road, you can't stop. Everything you own will definitely have a more advanced version being sold somewhere out there. If your phone disappoints you, find a way to use it less. If you want something you can't buy, design yourself and make something similar to your own needs. It may not look spectacular, but make sure you look strangely satisfied when looking at your results.

Minh.T.T (According to Corei77)

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