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Why abstain from alcohol when taking antibiotics?

When taking drugs, especially antibiotics, doctors often tell patients to abstain from alcohol. Most people also believe that using alcohol will reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics, reducing the effect of killing bacteria, or even losing the effectiveness of drugs … But in fact, alcohol does not reduce the effectiveness or reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics.

Advice on not using alcohol when taking antibiotics is absolutely right, even when your body is healthy, alcohol doesn't have any health benefits. When sick, drinking alcohol makes the body weaker.

Going back to history a bit, there are two main reasons doctors ask patients to abstain from alcohol while taking antibiotics, but both of these reasons are unrelated to the side effects of drugs or effects. harmful when taking antibiotics but still drinking alcohol. Antibiotics have only just started to be used relatively extensively since 1943, initially only for military use, then used for everyone. The first antibiotic that humans use is penicillin. At that time, penicillin production was difficult, so penicillin was extremely rare and expensive. Penicillin is used for British soldiers injured on the North African front in World War II. Because penicillin is very scarce, soldiers using drugs are required to retain their urine. Penicillin will be separated from the urine of soldiers taking medicine and re-preparing. But by drinking beer, the soldiers will urinate much, so the urine is diluted, the preparation will be more difficult. That is why the superior ordered the soldiers to ban beer when using penicillin.

Another reason is that, early penicillin is used to treat almost all infections, including sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as gonorrhea, syphilis. … Doctors are concerned that, when using a lot of alcohol, the more difficult it is for patients to control, be irritated, most likely to have sex after being drunk and infecting others. Therefore, doctors ask patients not to drink alcohol when taking penicillin to treat the disease, only to use alcohol again after having completely cured. It is not entirely because alcohol causes loss or reduction of penicillin's effects, nor does alcohol increase the risk of side effects when using penicillin.

Don't drink alcohol while you're sick

However, we still should not use alcohol when taking antibiotics, because we are more susceptible to side effects when taking both alcohol and drugs. Some antibiotics such as Metronidazole, Tinidazole, Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim (Biseptol) … if used together with alcohol, it makes us headache, nausea, increase heart rate. Linezolid antibiotics if used with alcoholic drinks are easy to cause hypertensive patients.

In short, alcohol does not reduce or diminish the effect of antibiotics but regardless of which drug you use, when you are sick, abstain from alcohol! Waiting until it is healthy should be used again, but need to drink limited, moderate, conscious to ensure health for itself and for the family and society.


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