Who would have thought? The magical change in the drama version of "Zuo Son" has swollen the original author's face

Who would have thought? The magical change in the drama version of “Zuo Son” has swollen the original author’s face

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The reviews before and after the launch of “Zuo Son” are really exciting.

It is undeniable that “Zui Son-in-law” starring Guo Qilin/Song Yi also experienced the warmth and coldness of the world before it started broadcasting.

Because the female author Qi Yingjun was made inappropriate jokes by several male authors when she participated in a certain pen conference, she posted angrily, and because she unceremoniously used words that refer to groups such as “you” in the article. So it caused dissatisfaction with the male authors “Wandering Toad” and “Angry Banana”.

So the two sides had a fierce lip-fighting. Although this confrontation was a contest between cultural people, because of the “angry banana” various words of tiger, the war eventually burned to the “Zuo Son”, a male-frequency essay, and the drama The version of “Zuo Son” was also implicated.

Before it was released, men supported women’s boycotts. Douban and other rating platforms gathered thousands of negative reviews from female audiences.

This situation is undoubtedly worse for a new drama that has not yet started.

However, the reviews after the launch of “Zuo Son” directly made “Old Brother Slot” almost laugh.

After the broadcast of “Zuo Son”, the first negative comment was not a female audience, but a male fan, and there was a conflict with his wife because of the negative comment.

There is no other reason, because the drama version of “Zui Son” was not filmed in the same way as the original male harem Shuangwen, but was transformed into a work that promotes equality between men and women.

The favorite harem plot of male book fans, sorry, no more.

The drama version of Ning Yi (Guo Qilin) ​​can be said to respect women very much, resolutely implement monogamy, and daily brainwash the ancients that men and women are the same, my wife just loves to go out and show her face to do business, can you control it?

such as:

In the play, the heroine Su Tan’er (Song Yi) comes from a textile family. Her second-bedroom uncle and cousin are villains. She uses the heroine to be a woman as a reason to prevent her from opening a store and taking charge.

However, the male protagonist said very bluntly that it is rubbish to talk about gender advantages.

Although “Brother Groove” has not read the original work, all the analysis is from the plot, but I have to say that the magical changes of “Zuo Son” are really fresh and not artificial.

Because in addition to eliminating contradictions, it also aroused the audience’s deep thinking.

Why does turning male frequency into female frequency cause dissatisfaction?

Take the “journey to the male ethics academy” as an example. Although this section is not a bridge in the original book, it has the most to break down male fans.

Ning Yi (played by Guo Qilin) ​​was punished by the heroine to go to the Men’s Ethics College for in-depth study and reflection, and learn how to be a virtuous pedant husband.

The plot of this part of the School of Male Virtue is completely slapped to the face of piapia.

The setting in the play, the son-in-law of each family, and those who want to eat soft meals, must enter the Male Virtue Academy to learn how to be a virtuous, filial and beloved man in order to meet the standards.

The central idea is: there is no market for soft food and hard food.

Therefore, in the Men’s School of Virtue, not only theoretical classes, but also practical courses such as cooking, sewing, and parenting are required.

Since the content is too comfortable, I won’t repeat it.

So why can’t the original fans accept this paragraph?

In fact, this is a change of mentality. “Zuo Son” is actually a change in the situation that women face when they marry the man in the house.

But many people can’t accept this change, so male fans and male audiences will feel a strong sense of discomfort when watching these absurd plots of the School of Male Virtue, and they think it is an insult.

However, this is also where the “magic reform” of this drama is just right.

In the past, women were firmly suppressed. They had no inheritance rights and education rights, were not allowed to participate in imperial examinations, conduct business, and were not even allowed to set up independent households. They could only survive by relying on them throughout their lives.

It seems that their natural duties are to give birth to children, to handle housework, and ultimately to beautify this restriction as protection. They say that women are not good at doing other things. If they weren’t for their husbands to support them, they would not be able to live on their own ability. .

What is this called? This is called: being broken with wings and being mocked for not flying.

So the magic change of this drama is successful, at least it does a good job of balance, but whether it is “Shuangwen” or “Shuangju” is actually difficult to take care of everyone, so instead of arguing about right and wrong It’s better to forget it after you finish it. After all, chasing drama is for “entertainment”, not for distress.


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