Who wants to buy new Huawei phones when it doesn't have Facebook, Youtube, ...?

Who wants to buy new Huawei phones when it doesn't have Facebook, Youtube, …?

Ask yourself honestly: If you are going to upgrade your smartphone later this year, would you like to buy a fuzzy Android-powered phone without the familiar applications of Google and Facebook? That is the situation that Huawei and Honor subsidiary are about to face, when customer confidence with them is severely compromised after an embargo from the US. Not using basic applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube, Gmail, … is really a big obstacle for many common users. Those who only want to buy are used immediately, with the available applications.

Facebook prohibits Huawei from installing their services on phones

Although Huawei has opened up the launch of Hongmeng OS, an alternative to the Android operating system, but to be recognized by users is a much more difficult problem. Writing an operating system is not difficult for a large corporation like Huawei, but developing it is enough to replace the dominant Android, so that both users and developers are confident with the new operating system … Is it possible? exam?

A recent report from Nikkei said the Chinese company had lowered its forecast for smartphone shipments in the second half of 2019, about 20-30%. According to a recent Bloomberg report, some managers' internal forecasts from Huawei show that global sales losses can reach 60%. The goal to overthrow Samsung at the end of 2019, which was very feasible before the ban appeared, was postponed. Even the ambitious phone, called Mate X, moved its re-release date three months from its original date.

Without Google and US companies' applications, will Huawei's new operating system be accepted?

According to an expert, nearly half of Huawei smartphone sales come from overseas, and they all run Android with Google's essential mobile services. Not just simply YouTube or Play Store, but also other APIs and certificates, which help your phone to function fully. If in the domestic market Google is banned by the Chinese government, and Huawei can use services from fellow countrymen instead, the US company's international services are extremely necessary with cover. Daily experience of millions of customers.

The expert emphasized that in China Huawei can live well with its own operating system and applications, but not the rest of the world. Almost all popular Android applications come from Google and other US companies. These applications are decisive in the user experience, but applications from Chinese developers are difficult to replace. "Not supported by these applications, it will be extremely, extremely difficult for Huawei to pull customers into the operating system they build themselves." – he said.

No one knows what will happen to Huawei phones in the coming months. If a miracle happens, they may change the situation. The next Mate, Mate X, and many other phones have not been released yet, will customers still want to buy them?


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