Who says thinness and performance cannot have both?Lenovo Saver 9000X 2021 released

Tonight, Lenovo launched the newly evolved Savior Y9000X 2021 and Savior R9000X 2021 notebooks. Based on the continuation of the previous generation’s thin and light design, it has once again achieved breakthroughs in performance, display, and heat dissipation. It has both thinness and performance, redefining it. Thin and light gaming notebook. Lenovo’s savior R9000X 2021 has a starting price of 7,999 yuan, and the savior’s Y9000X has a starting price of 8,699 yuan.

For notebook products, thinness and performance often mean contradictions. How to maximize the level of high-performance hardware within a limited body volume requires very high body design and heat dissipation system optimization. In the minds of the majority of users, a thin and light body is often not compatible with high performance, especially for gaming notebooks. However, the Lenovo Rescue 9000X 2021 series products unveiled today set a new height for us in the performance of thin and light gaming notebooks.

On the evening of November 30th, Beijing time, Lenovo held a new savior product launch conference at its global headquarters in Beijing. Under the witness of many invited fans, Lin Lin, Lenovo’s consumer business notebook product planning director in China, released the new evolution of the savior Y9000X 2021 and The rescuer R9000X 2021. On the basis of the previous generation of thin and light design, the Savior 9000X series products have achieved breakthroughs in performance, display, and heat dissipation, redefining thin and light gaming laptops.

Lightweight, compact and powerful, the new rescuer 9000X is shockingly debut

As a press conference with deep participation by fans, the birth of the new rescuer 9000X 2021 has attracted much attention. The new generation of rescuer 9000X 2021 continues the thin and light design of the previous generation. The overall body weight is as light as 1.86kg and as thin as 15.9mm. It is exquisite, stylish and easy to carry. As the biggest upgrade of this new product, the rescuer 9000X series has been fully evolved in terms of performance. The new savior Y9000X 2021 is equipped with an 8-core 16-thread Intel Core i7-10875H standard processor, while the savior R9000X 2021 is equipped with an AMD R7-4800H standard processor. The powerful “inner core” brings more sufficient performance Support to ensure a smooth experience in multitasking, software applications, and large-scale game operation.

In addition to the powerful standard pressure processor, the new 9000X 2021 series products are also equipped with Nvidia RTX 2060 Max-Q high-performance discrete graphics for the first time. This high-end graphics card with many new features such as ray tracing and AI can do more The smooth entertainment experience brought by users has also made the 9000X series of notebooks a true light and thin gaming notebook.

In order to control the processor and graphics card, and let players truly enjoy the fun of powerful performance, the heat dissipation system of the Savior 9000X 2021 breaks through again. It is equipped with TSI Pro turbocharged fan 2.0. Through the design of fan + heat pipe + air inlet and outlet in the whole area, the maximum air volume is increased by 115% compared with the previous generation, which provides sufficient heat dissipation guarantee for full performance and immersive gaming experience. Coupled with the third-generation “Fn+Q” performance mode switching, Dual-Direct GFX intelligent display switching and other functions, it can meet the needs of different scenarios and truly “understand what you want and what you need.”

·Outstanding internal and external temperament, the new 9000X stunning details shocked the audience

In addition to the core parameters, the savior 9000X 2021, who has both internal and external repairs and a beautiful appearance, has attracted the attention of the fans with its excellent appearance design and detailed construction. The new 9000X 2021 series adopts a thin night star design language, and a metal body based on bright lime, bringing a low-key temperament and high-quality sense; the top laser LEGION logo and the white controllable backlight “Y” logo match, It highlights the e-sports genes of the rescuer, in a low-key, powerful show.

The 15.6-inch FHD screen of the new product has excellent parameters of 144Hz refresh rate, 100% sRGB high color gamut, and 300nits high brightness. 3.09mm ultra-narrow left and right borders, with Dolby Vision high dynamic display, bring excellent visual effects, and the screen quality is extremely stunning.

In addition, the new 9000X 2021 series has also made great efforts in user experience. The newly designed LEGION TrueStrike keyboard, safe and convenient power button fingerprint recognition, anti-peep camera, Dolby panoramic sound system… all bring users a more extreme experience. While the brand-new products are both internally and externally repaired, the details have not been polished at all. No wonder the fans who witnessed on the spot called “true fragrance”.

During the product launch, Lenovo’s new YO fan annual ceremony was also in full swing. Many fans gathered at Lenovo to participate in a variety of fan activities and have in-depth dialogues with the brand. The creation of the new savior product also absorbed the user’s voice, adding a discrete graphics card to the fuselage to complete the improvement in details, allowing the product to achieve both lightness and performance in a true sense. Into the user group, insight into the characteristics and needs of the customer group has become a habit of Lenovo, and it is precisely because of this habit that Lenovo has launched popular and trendy products again and again, always standing at the peak.

The new savior R9000X 2021 R7-4800H+16GB+512GB+RTX 2060 Max-Q/144Hz 100% sRGB gaming screen version starts at 7,999 yuan, and enjoys 3 interest-free benefits, and a one-year warranty for the whole machine , Will start the pre-sale at 0:00 on December 1.

The new savior Y9000X 2021’s i7-10875H+16GB+512GB+RTX 2060 Max-Q/144Hz 100% sRGB gaming screen version starts at 8699 yuan, and also enjoys 3 interest-free benefits, and a one-year warranty for the whole machine , Will be on sale soon, so stay tuned.


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