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Who offended Yang Guang, the blind man who was scolded and got out of the entertainment circle from the popularity of the Spring Festival Gala to disappearance

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“Avenue of Stars” is a very popular show, once popularized by Phoenix Legend, Zhu Zhiwen, Li Yugang and others. Today they are all developing very well. The Legend of Phoenix has been popular since his debut. After Zhu Zhiwen became famous, he still lives in his hometown. Li Yugang has become a national first-class actor.

Among these people, the 2007 champion Yang Guang is an exception. After winning the championship, Yang Guang’s resources are also very good, and he even appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, but was later scolded out of the entertainment circle for personal reasons. What happened?

Yang Guang was born in an ordinary family. He was diagnosed with eye disease when he was eight months old and never saw the sun again. Although disabled, Yang Guang likes singing very much. While studying at a school for the deaf and dumb, Yang Guang was selected into the Municipal Disabled Art Troupe with his unique voice. After several years in the art troupe, Yang Guang was recommended by the troupe to the disabled art troupe in Beijing to develop.

Life in Beijing is not easy, sometimes you can only eat one meal a day. During this period, the father who took care of him died in a car accident, and he could only depend on his mother for life. One can imagine how difficult life was.

For the sake of life and his own dreams, Yang Guang began to participate in some singing competitions. He was rejected again and again due to image problems. Faced with such a situation, Yang Guang still did not feel discouraged, he still insisted on his dream.

Success is left to those who are prepared. At this time, Yang Guang heard about “Avenue of Stars”. In order to seize this opportunity, he made an effort that ordinary people can hardly match. He kept groping for the steps, the location of the auditorium, and all the layout of the stage.

After passing through all the way, Yang Guang won the championship of the Avenue of Stars and opened up his popularity. Later, the director of the Spring Festival Gala sent him an invitation. After several screenings, Yang Guang successfully stepped onto the stage of the Spring Festival Gala. Fortunately, I sang the opening song of the 2008 Paralympic Games.

Three years later, Yang Guang followed the famous tenor singer Dai Yuqiang as his teacher. Since then, he participated in commercial performances and served as a judge, and giving inspirational speeches became Yang Guang’s daily routine. With his own efforts, Yang Guang finally became a singer with an annual income of tens of millions. At the same time, the quality of life for him and his mother has also improved a lot.

There are many popular people, and as his reputation grows, Yang Guang has been exposed to a lot of negative news. Some people have published articles claiming that Yang Guang picked faults and played big names when participating in commercial performances, and often said something self-righteous. Later, even the director who had always praised him scolded him heartily: “If you get out of the entertainment circle like this again.”

It was these words that made Yang Guang sober instantly, and he began to reflect on what he had done. However, the companies that wanted to work with him disappeared silently, and he could only face reality and pay for his impulse.

Due to the lack of heat, Yang Guang began to move to the live broadcast industry and released some videos on some platforms. Yang Guang’s short video content is varied. After the incident of Zhu Zhiwen’s house being kicked, he also posted a video saying that the rise of a grassroots star does not mean success, and he angered Zhu Zhiwen.

Although Yang Guang today is not as beautiful as he used to be, his life is very comfortable. Sometimes I sing live outdoors, and I use my free time to help some people in need. I have appeared in the scenes of public welfare activities many times.

It may be seen from Yang Guang’s behavior that he has already recognized his mistakes and is also repenting in his own way. As for whether he can stand on the stage again, it depends on his efforts.



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