The recent strategic increase in production by oil-producing countries and the epidemic have caused the aviation industry to ground most flights, leading to oversupply of crude oil and plunging prices. As a result, gasoline prices at gas stations have continued to break through lows, but less than 20 yuan per liter The low oil price is a big boon for commuters. Compared with the fixed-rate plan for electric vehicles, which one is actually more favorable? According to the gasoline price at the time of writing, we have integrated the existing electric vehicle tariff plan, based on the one-month trip of the general commuter, and the gasoline car is based on the 125c.c. ; Electric vehicles are compared with GOGORO 3 with 125c.c. as the benchmark.

Trial calculation of monthly fuel money

According to the statistical report announced by the Executive Yuan in November 108, commuters and students commuting by locomotive commute an average of 32 minutes per commute. If calculated at an average speed of 40 kilometers per hour, they need to ride about 43 kilometers a day. The total mileage for 22 days of work in a month will be 946 kilometers. Calculated based on the SYM Xindijue Phase 7 urban fuel consumption of 43.61km / L, the amount of gasoline required in a month is 21.7 liters. Based on the gasoline price of 18.5 yuan / liter, the total monthly cost of oil spent on commuting is 401.45 yuan, 0.42 yuan per kilometer.

SYM Xindijue’s urban fuel consumption is 43.61km / L, and it needs 21.7 liters of gasoline in a month.

Trial calculation of monthly electric charges for electric vehicles

In terms of electric vehicles, we also use the mileage of 945 kilometers per month. On the page of the GOGORO official website, we selected the electric vehicle representative GOGORO 3 and set a monthly ride of 945 kilometers. Concessions, if you only ride 946 kilometers, it is 0.95 yuan per kilometer, but you should pay attention to this plan is unlimited mileage 899 yuan, although the monthly increase of 550 yuan but the mileage is not limited, and the additional ride during the holiday will not be redundant Expenditure is simply that the more you ride, the more money you save, but you should be careful not to use it for commercial use.

The tariff is also calculated with a mileage of about 946 kilometers a month.

Compared with the preset mileage plan, it will be a more preferential choice to ride with the 899 to full.

Judging from the mileage set at 946 kilometers per month, the fuel truck seems to be a cheaper option. This advantage has been leading all the way until the total monthly mileage exceeds 2140 kilometers. If the total monthly mileage exceeds 2140 kilometers, GOGORO 899 will eat The full plan will be a more favorable option. In addition, the author also uses the commute distance of 946 kilometers to calculate. When the gasoline price exceeds 41.42 yuan per liter, the monthly cost will exceed 899 yuan of GOGORO’s full meal plan. Looking at the domestic oil price trend in the past, 95 unleaded gasoline hit an unprecedented high on February 18, 2013, reaching 36.4 yuan per liter, but it seems that there is still a distance from 41.42 yuan.

Many riders pay as much as they like, which is a more reasonable way of payment for many riders.

GOGORO’s rate plan is suitable for knights with high mileage per month.

It can be billed by your actual mileage, and you pay as much as you ride. It is a free and reasonable choice for many fuel car riders. In terms of electric vehicles, although the 899 is full, it is 497 yuan more expensive, but in mileage There are no restrictions on it, you only need to pay a fixed rate without worrying about mileage restrictions. How to balance the two needs to be calculated according to the needs of users in order to make the best choice.

95 unleaded gasoline reached a high of 36.4 yuan per liter in 2013, but even so the cost is still lower than the full monthly fee of 899 months.

There are also many users of GOGORO’s monthly rental plan. You can choose the best way to measure your own usage habits.

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