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Who is that person episode 8


After a long week of waiting, you must be looking forward to seeing who he is, episode 8, meeting with handsome, handsome guys, will our girl find the ultimate guy? single for me? Please watch it together.

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In the previous episodes of the show, we have received a lot of human-viewing experience as well as the wisdom or confusion of the advisors to choose the best guy and best suited to the female character. Episode 8 Who is that person aired at 9pm on Friday on HTV2, this week we will meet a beautiful Vietnamese Kieu, let’s see if the girl has chosen the right boy for her.

Who is she, tap 8

Who is that person episode 8

See who he is, episode 8

Trailer Who is that person episode 8

You can see who he is, episode 7 here.

See who he is, episode 7

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