WHO Experts Start Tracing COVID-19 In China |  World

WHO Experts Start Tracing COVID-19 In China | World

Their investigation still has many mysteries. WHO on January 29 tweeted some information about what they will do, but it is not yet known how far China will give them access to places and people.

International scientists hope that information about the first cases in Wuhan will help them better understand the origin of SARS-CoV-2 and prevent similar pandemics in the future.

Scientists around the world are eager to get access to samples from the Hainan Seafood Market, the first place where the disease broke out, and hospital files in Wuhan.

The WHO wrote in several tweets that its expert team will meet with Chinese scientists today before investigating the scene in the area in and around Wuhan. They plan to visit hospitals, laboratories and markets, including the Wuhan Center for Disease Control laboratory. The WHO says their team will talk to the patients first.

A laboratory of the Wuhan Virus Research Institute, built after the SARS pandemic in 2003, is still the site of the bats’ genetic sequences of corona viruses. US officials during the Trump administration once suggested that SAR-CoV-2 could escape from here.

The South China Seafood Market and early cases are also important as the virus continues to evolve, like new strains discovered in England and South Africa.

Wuhan was the first to detect COVID-19 cases, but it is also possible that viruses from elsewhere entered the city of 11 million people.

The biggest question now is what China allows the WHO team to do. Chinese leaders may be concerned that this study will shed light on the mistakes it made during the outbreak of the epidemic, leading to criticism from the international community and even demand. financial compensation if it is correctly determined that China has neglected its liability.

China is controlling independent reports on epidemics and publishing very little information about the origin of the virus. The AP investigation found that the Chinese government strictly controlled research articles on COVID-19 and prohibited researchers from speaking to the press.

WHO officials also privately complain that China is deliberately delaying sharing important information about the disease, including the viral genome.

An investigation into the origin of COVID-19 may take several years. It took more than a decade for people to identify the origin of SARS, while the origin of Ebola remains a mystery, even though it dates back to the 1970s. Knowing where the virus came from will help prevent similar pandemics. Future.

A Vietnamese expert with the WHO team came to Wuhan in the COVID-19 investigation

An international team of scientists led by experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) today went to Wuhan, China, to investigate the origin of the corona virus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic. In that group of experts is Vietnamese biologist Hung Nguyen.

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