WHO counselor: There is overwhelming evidence that the virus leaked from the laboratory

WHO counselor: There is overwhelming evidence that the virus leaked from the laboratory

Recently (April 4), World Health Organization (WHO) Advisory Committee (WHO) adviser Jamie Metz pointed out that the report issued by the WHO expert group following the Wuhan investigation is not reliable. Because among the hypotheses, the most overwhelming proof is the Covid-19 theory leaked from the Wuhan Virus Institute.

World Health Organization (WHO) Advisory Committee (WHO) Jamie Metz (Source: Dominik Gigler for DLD / Hubert Burda Media / Flickr)

As is well known, shortly after the search trip in China, on March 31, WHO published an investigation report on the origin of Covid-19, according to which the content of the report considers extremely unlikely. The virus originated in the laboratory, and the South China seafood market was also not the original source of Covid-19. The content of this report is almost identical to the previous version of the leaked Chinese officials.

  • The WHO report blamed the animals instead of Wuhan Lab for the COVID-19 outbreak

The theory has the most overwhelming evidence

According to the WHO report, the panel of experts evaluated that Covid-19 can be transmitted from person to person in four ways: for the probability of transmission by an intermediate host. “Relatively likely” come “Most likely happened“; for the probability of direct transmission from animals originally containing the corona virus is the word “can happen” come “Relatively possible”; “may” is also the potential for cold-chain food transmission; but “It is very difficult to happen “ is transmitted to people from a laboratory.

On April 4, in an interview with Sky News in Australia, WHO Advisory Committee consultant Jamie Metzl identified the WHO report as unreliable and invalid. Because this report is not the conclusion obtained from a separate WHO survey, but rather “Independent advisory board “ cooperate with “Chinese partner” proceed.

According to Jamie Metzl, a large amount of situational evidence has shown that the virus leaked from the laboratory, while from the very first day of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Chinese authorities began to operate. Large-scale concealment, including the destruction of experimental samples, the concealment of databases and other records, even imprisonment of news reporters. But the WHO investigation team is just inclined to hypothesize zoonotic transmission and from frozen food, not wanting to verify the hypothesis that the virus comes from the laboratory.

Many other objections have been raised

At the WHO online press conference after the publication of the report, WHO Secretary-General Tedros Adhanom also had to say that the review by the expert group was not comprehensive enough, and still needed more data and research. help to come to a more certain conclusion. He said whether the expert team determined the hypothesis “Virus leaked from the lab“Is the most unlikely hypothesis, but still needs further investigation on this issue, he is willing to send another working group and experts there to learn more, will try to promote as soon as possible. next stage investigation.

  • After the report, the WHO Director said that it is still necessary to investigate more about the origin of the virus

After March 30 when the WHO issued the Covid-19 origin report, the report was strongly questioned by the United States and 14 other countries in a joint statement, while many Western mainstream media outlets were also strongly questioned. questioned that the WHO report looked as if it was justifying Beijing.

  • More than 10 countries question the integrity of WHO-China reporting on the origin of COVID-19

On March 31, Dr. Yan Limeng (Yan Limeng), a Chinese virologist who fled to the US, published a third report on her virus, thereby criticizing the WHO report for causing the community to International misunderstanding, Ms. Diem Le Mong also denied that many leftist media have “crucified” the Covid-19 origin hypothesis from the laboratory as “conspiracy theory”.

  • The third report on COVID-19 by Ms. Yan Le Mong was published

Vuong Quan, Vision Times

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