Who are the most popular composers to fall asleep?
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Who are the most popular composers to fall asleep?

Who Said Lullabies Are Only For Kids? Concerned about knowing the motivations of adults listening to music before sleeping, British researchers from the University of Sheffield conducted a study among 651 people, the results of which were published in the journal Plos One.

Of the 651 participants, 62% indicated that they used music to help them fall asleep, believing that it allowed them to ward off outside sources of distraction. Respondents reported listening to a total of 14 different music genres, ranging from jazz to theclassical musicthrough the pop where the folk, and 545 artists.

And among the musicians and composers listened to, were the famous Bach, Chopin, Mozart, but also the group Coldplay or even the British singer Ed Sheeran. Results that coincide with those of the analysis of the Spotify platform, which had already found that the singer featured prominently in the “Sleep” playlists of its users.

As for the benefits of music to find sleep, the authors of the study estimated that the latter, the largest ever carried out on this theme, reveals that it goes beyond a relaxing effect: “auditory masking [des bruits extérieurs], bedtime ritual, passion for music and mental distraction are some of the benefits of listening to music before bed.

This work offers a new understanding of the complex motivations that make people seek music as a sleep aid, and why they find it so effective.”, Concluded the authors.

Note that to get the most benefit from music to fall asleep, the American association The Sleep Foundation recommends opting for a relatively slow-paced music, 60 to 80 beats per minute, to adjust to a heart rate at rest.

Source: The Guardian

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