White sweet butter and sweetness ♪ Japanese style pasta with a turnip[Ryogo's easy horse recipe]
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White sweet butter and sweetness ♪ Japanese style pasta with a turnip[Ryogo’s easy horse recipe]

White sweet butter and sweetness ♪ Japanese style pasta with a turnip[Ryogo’s easy horse recipe]

The macaroni official community “Macaroni Mate” delivers daily articles introducing original recipes and lifestyles. Today, Ryogo, who introduces “excellent pasta recipes that anyone can easily make” on blogs and SNS, introduces home-baked pasta that uses a turnip to make you feel sweet.

Updated January 2, 2020

Writer : Ryogo

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Photo by Ryogo

≪Vol.16≫ White soup with butter and a sweet taste♪ Japanese style pasta with a turnip

Hello, this is Ryogo! In this issue, I would like to introduce a Japanese-style pasta that uses winter turnip “kabu”. Maybe few people eat it with pasta. In fact, the sauteed turnip has a smooth texture and a gentle sweetness that goes well with pasta. This is a recommended seasonal pasta that you should definitely try this winter. Let’s check how to make it with the video at once.

How was it? Almost no difficult cooking process. With this method, you will be surprised how delicious it is. From here, I will add some supplements according to the cooking scene!

Delicately fashionable with a small turnip.

Person cutting a turnip

Photo by Ryogo

Considering the ease of eating and the inclusion of heat, it is recommended to use a small turnip. If it is a small headpiece, it can give a cute impression when arranged, and it is two birds with one stone. The point is to make the pasta that looks good.

Cut bacon

Photo by Ryogo

Although it’s small, it fits into a large turnip, so I cut the bacon into large pieces. If you cut it too small, the balance will not be as good as when you eat it.

People boiling pasta

Photo by Ryogo

I often get asked, “How many mm do you use for noodles?” My personal favorite is 1.6mm. The thickness of 1.6 mm is said to be the thickness that is most often eaten in Japanese households, so when thinking about recipes, I basically try to make it with 1.6 mm. Of course, I like other thicknesses, so I stock various pasta at home!

I want to remember! Japanese-style pasta iron plate seasoning

Ingredients fried in a frying pan

Photo by Ryogo

Finish the sauce while boiling the pasta. In this Japanese pasta, white soup and butter are used for the main seasoning, which is extremely versatile. Anyone can easily make authentic Japanese pasta. By the way, we recommend seasoning Japanese pasta with “soy sauce + butter” and “mentsuyu + butter” in addition to the white soup we used this time. All of them are very convenient, so please take this opportunity to remember them.

Pasta on a plate

Photo by Ryogo

Add the boiled pasta to the frying pan and mix with the sauce, then serve on a plate.

People eating pasta

Photo by Ryoog

Finish by sprinkling with black pepper as an accent for the finish. ▼ Click here for the recipe you care about

in conclusion

This time, we introduced simple homemade pasta using turnip. Recommended for those who like turnips, but always have similar dishes. Enjoy the delicious winter taste at home!

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Photo by Ryogo

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