White House: Mr. Biden will hold his first press conference later this month

White House: Mr. Biden will hold his first press conference later this month

Joe Biden will hold his first press conference as US president later this March, the White House announced on March 5.

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Emphasizing why Mr. Biden has not yet held an official press conference, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on March 5 said that the incumbent US president does indeed answer questions multiple times a week. .

He actually accepted the question twice yesterday. It was a chance for White House reporters to ask him about whatever news was happening every day. We look forward to holding a full press conference in the next few weeks, before the end of this month, and we will work to set a specific date and time for that press conference. As soon as we get things done, we will let you know“Mrs. Psaki told reporters.

Mr. Biden’s Press Secretary added: “This president entered office in the midst of a real crisis, two crises, a pandemic the country hasn’t seen in decades, and the other a recession that caused 10 million people lost their jobs. So I think the American people will understand if your focus, energy, and care are on making sure there are enough safe vaccines to vaccinate all Americans – this job we will completed by the end of May, and then promoted a rescue plan, which will direct money to nearly 160 million Americans. His time, energy and focus are on all of that. “.

One day earlier, on March 4, when pressed by the press, Ms. Psaki refused to give the exact date and time Mr. Biden would hold the first press conference.

Mr. Biden was the first US president in at least a century to not hold a solo press conference for more than 40 days in office.

By contrast, Mr. Biden’s 15 predecessor presidents held a solo press conference within the first 33 days of entering office. Former President Donald Trump held a press conference after 27 days, while former President Barack Obama held his official press conference after the first 20 days in office.

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