Whimsical? Fans speculate that company B has started to produce “The Elder Scrolls 6”!

B company released as early as 2018The Elder Scrolls 6“And” Starry Sky “two next-generation masterpieces, but the announcement is released, and the two games are still on the horizon. Company B has also been busy for Fallout 76 from 2018 to 2019. But now, some fans have guessed based on several B agency job ads: “The Elder Scrolls 6” has begun production!

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On the official website of company B’s parent company ZeniMax, you can see two advertisements for game programmers and video editors. The former is recruiting for cutting-edge RPG development teams and requires cooperation to complete new game features and add player-character interaction. , Combat and skill mechanics, user interface, etc .; the latter requires the ability to capture great game clips and make promotional videos.

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B company previously said that they would launch “Starry Sky” first and then engage in “The Elder Scrolls 6”. Now it is too late to recruit people for “Starry Sky”, soNetizens speculate that this recruitment is in preparation for the development of The Elder Scrolls 6.. And the recruitment of video editorsMay mean that Star Land is almost completeYou can start video promotion.

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猜测 These speculations seem a little whimsical, because “Starry Sky” and “Old Roll 6” still feel far away; and there is a lesson from Fallout 76, B should better improve the next work to restore word of mouth, and avoid rushing. However, some fans pointed out that from the past rhythm of the B agency, “Starry Sky” may be released in 2021, then it is possible to start publicity in 2020.

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At present, the official of B company has not released any announcements.Maybe at this year’s E3 and other exhibitions, we can see more specific news.

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