Which values ​​help XL7 completely conquer customers?
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Which values ​​help XL7 completely conquer customers?

Launched in the Vietnamese market on July 5, the brand-new XL7 is gaining more and more attention in the car community by its useful values ​​to customers.

car suzuki xl7

Previously, the Suzuki 7-seat SUV model had a very successful “storm” in Indonesia with more than 2,000 orders and won the “Car of the year 2020” award after a month of launch.

Dynamic, powerful appearance full of aspirations

On the exterior, the front of the car stands out with a large steering wheel with the highlight of two chrome-plated bars running across the impressive Katana sword, with the end point of the LED headlight cluster. The all-new XL7 uses low-glare LED technology, which is considered to be friendly to humans and the environment, and has a longer lifespan than halogen lamps. At the same time, the headlight position of the XL7 is also set high with a moderate inclination, helping to limit the loss of light bumps or kicks.

To protect the car from minor scratches, the all-new XL7 bodywork along the body is black protective rims, silver trim details. The roof rack on the roof emphasizes the personality, while increasing the capacity to hold luggage when needed. L-shaped rear lights with a unique design attract the eye. In addition, the 200 mm high ground clearance allows this SUV to operate flexibly in a variety of terrain and weather conditions.

car suzuki xl7

Class-leading interior comfort, increasing passenger comfort

With a special price of 589 million VND, the brand-new XL7 owns an outstanding interior compartment. Entering the cabin, passengers will immediately feel comfortable because the ceiling is high, the space between the rows is wide, and can relax with legs. The 10-inch screen – the largest in the segment, connecting the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apps, integrated reverse camera, not only helps passengers relax during the journey, but also supports the driver to observe and grasp. information for safer vehicle operations.

car suzuki xl7

Next to the screen is a D-shaped steering wheel with adjustable nodding, increased legroom and easily adjusted to suit the driving position. The car is equipped with automatic air conditioning, ensuring airy air at all seating positions even in the third row. In addition, the car also has a water cooler, convenient accessory socket.

Equipped with many safety features

The new SUV features advanced safety technologies, notably the Electronic Stability Control (ESP®) system for direction control and a Hill Start Start (HHC) system to prevent drifting when starting off on the ground. steep pass shape. In addition, the XL7 is also equipped with anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic brake force distribution (EBD), reverse camera, rear sensor, ISOFIX child seat connection point, airbag … This device helps the driver to be confident, secure and helps to protect the safety of passengers on the vehicle.

car suzuki xl7

More specifically, the all-new XL7 is designed according to new standards in advanced countries such as Japan to protect everyone, both passengers on the vehicle and pedestrians. It is a structure that absorbs the impact force in many parts of the front of the vehicle, helping to minimize pedestrian injury in the event of a collision.

Low maintenance costs

An expensive plus point of the all-new XL7 is its durable performance but very fuel-efficient. Thanks to the new HEARTECT chassis, the XL7 has a light body weight of 1,175 kg, so the vehicle’s power-to-weight ratio (15.26) is more optimal than its competitors (16,10). significantly lower fuel consumption and improved operating efficiency. Specifically, XL7 consumes only 5.47L / 100 km of road.

car suzuki xl7

Compared to other Japanese automakers, the maintenance costs of the brand-new XL7 are also significantly lower thanks to Suzuki’s new service policy. When buying a car, customers will receive a 3-year, 100,000 km warranty and 3 times free maintenance. There are 2 maintenance milestones proposed by the company: the time of 6 months or 7,500 km, the maintenance frequency is reduced by 33% compared to the past. Maintenance costs for 3 years are reduced by up to 50%, genuine parts prices are also reduced, users can save more. In addition, with 41 authorized dealers nationwide, customers can easily maintain, repair and find genuine parts.

With the message “Ready for a new start”, the all-new XL7 brings a signature SUV design, comfortable interior, durable engine, full of safety features that will conquer the 7-seat SUV segment and occupy be loved by many users.

Discover XL7: https://suzuki.com.vn/xl7/

Refer to the price list:


Price includes VAT (VND)

Brand new XL7

589 million

Brand new XL7 leather seats

599 million

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