Which parts are most easily damaged in cars?

Which parts are most easily damaged in cars?

There are some parts on cars that are easy to get into trouble, so car owners need to pay attention to maintenance – check regularly.

Car lighting system

Car lights play a very important role in ensuring vehicle safety. Vehicle light system will emit signals to other vehicles and prevent collisions. However, the car light system is not durable, the car lights are often broken suddenly causing many troubles for the car owner. The common cause of malfunction of car lights is due to the car or encounter potholes, the car’s power supply is not enough, strong collisions … Car owners need to replace the car headlights as soon as possible.

The car light system is very easily brokenThe car light system is very easily broken

One of the useful tips to increase the life of the car light system is to minimize the travel on roads with many potholes and potholes. If it is imperative to go through these roads, the owner absolutely does not go at high speed, slow down and check the brakes so that the car does not jerk. It is also necessary to check the vehicle’s lighting system periodically. Every 6 – 12 months, vehicle owners check the light system to replace or repair damaged parts. Besides, it is also necessary to pay attention to polishing car lights after a period of use to get the best light.

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Car battery life from 2 to 4 years. However, during use, the battery is also prone to malfunction. Common signs of battery failure are: the indicator light and the dashboard are not bright, the electric-powered parts stop working, it is difficult to start the car … When to replace the car battery? The answer is after 2 to 4 years or when the vehicle shows signs of running out of average.

Batteries need to be replaced on timeBatteries need to be replaced on time

Tires and wheels (wheels)

Tires always bear the load of the entire vehicle so they can be easily torn or exploded. Especially when the car owner often drives the car through areas with lots of potholes and elephant drives. The more you collide, the lazang of the wheel becomes more and more likely to shift, causing the car to shake.

Typically, car tire flowers will wear significantly after every 20,000km to 25,000km of vehicles moved. Even when the tire flower does not wear much, the rubber of the tire will be degraded. The highest time to change a car tire is 3-6 years after use. At this time, the rubber layer of the tire has degenerated, the tire will easily explode if it goes too fast or brakes quickly. Car owners should take care of their tires during regular car maintenance.

Rain wipers

In the construction of the wipers system, the most frequently encountered item is the wiper blade. This part is made from rubber material, constantly subjected to friction with the windshield and objective impacts from the environment, so it is easy to fail. Car care experts say that car owners should check the wipers after about 12 to 18 months of operation. If required, will have to replace new car wiper. Especially with hot and humid weather and heavy rain in Vietnam, the time to check the wipers will be pushed up earlier.


You should check the wipers regularly

Front damping

When the car owner uses the brakes, especially the emergency braking, the pressure that the front suspension has to bear is enormous. The entire load of cars will pile up to this part. Therefore, the front damping can quickly fail. When this part of the vehicle is damaged, the vehicle will bounce regularly, even if the speed of travel is too high, the vehicle may be misaligned. Owners are required to replace both cars with a single shock absorber, because only if the replacement is broken, the operation of the two shock absorbers will be uneven.

Engine air filter

The mission of an automobile engine air filter is to clean dirt from the air inside the engine. If the engine does not have enough clean air, it will surely be wasted gasoline and many emissions. When operating the vehicle, it may emit loud noises. The engine air filter should be checked and serviced at least once a year. For vehicles often moving in a dusty environment, the owner must check and maintain the engine filter more.

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The air filter is susceptible to dirty after useThe air filter is dirty after use

High-pressure pump direct fuel injection system

If poor-quality, dirty fuels are used, the parts could be easily damaged. The reason is because high pressure pumps are inherently lubricated and cooled by the car’s fuel, so the quality of the fuel also affects the durability of this pump. Frequent depletion of fuel is also the cause of high pressure pump failure. When this part is broken, the engine may not start or the vehicle may move weakly, when the vehicle shakes.

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