Which kind of good vacuum cleaner is easy to use and durable?
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Which kind of good vacuum cleaner is easy to use and durable?

Vacuum cleaner is one of the household appliances that is very popular with you. It is like a good right hand helping cleaning, cleaning the house become simpler and faster than ever.

Among hundreds of vacuum cleaner products, it is very difficult to choose a product that suits the needs and cost and quality. Therefore, the following article we will go with you to learn more about the vacuum cleaner market and how to choose the best vacuum cleaner today!

What is a vacuum cleaner?

The vacuum cleaner is simply understood as a device to help clean the dirt. Currently, vacuum cleaners are used more commonly with different sizes and styles. From small-sized handhelds, to heavy-duty industrial machines.

Structure of a vacuum cleaner

Whether it is a mini vacuum cleaner or an industrial cleaner, it is basically composed of parts such as:

  • Motor engine
  • Fan
  • Dust filter bags
  • Loading port
  • Exhaust port
  • Exhaust port

Principle of operation vacuum cleaner

Not only has the same structure, even the operating principles of the vacuum cleaner are quite similar. Accordingly, the operating principle of the vacuum cleaner is quite simple. When the machine is turned on, it will cause the electric motor to spin at high speed. When the electric motor rotates, it will pull the propeller on the rotating axis to follow up with fast speed and create a strong suction.

The dust pipe will be directly connected to the machine, the suction generated from the shaft is so strong that it is able to vacuum all air and dirt outside the environment. Dust is drawn from the dust duct through the filter and placed into the dust bag available in the machine.

The basic type of vacuum cleaner

On the market today there are many different types of vacuum cleaners, but the most common are 4 types: vertical vacuum cleaners, box-type vacuum cleaners, mini-handheld vacuum cleaners and automatic robot vacuums.

Each type has advantages and disadvantages and different prices. Depending on the purpose and needs of use we will choose the appropriate type of vacuum cleaner.

Vertical vacuum cleaner (Upright)

Vertical vacuum cleaners are commonly used in industry. This type of vacuum cleaner has a vertical design, which makes it easy to clean in high positions, hard to see.

Which kind of good vacuum cleaner is easy to use and durable? first
  • Large motor and nozzle, powerful power, easy to clean up dirt quickly
  • Has good vacuuming ability
  • Heavy weight, bulky when moving
  • Only suitable for places with high demand

Box-type vacuum cleaner (Canister)

This is the line of vacuum cleaners used quite widely in the market today. Box machine is equipped with convenient adjustment button, helping users to use more flexibly. You can easily vacuum the dust in high areas, under beds or furniture, floors, ….

Which kind of good vacuum cleaner is easy to use and durable? 2
  • Pretty good price
  • Compact design, easy to move during vacuuming
  • Can reuse the dust box, saving costs
  • Equipped with HEPA filter to help antibacterial, deodorize well
  • Dust box easily removable
  • Difficult to vacuum in thick rugs
  • The filter needs cleaning and regular maintenance

Mini handheld vacuum cleaner

Mini handheld vacuum cleaners are quite popular. With a compact design, the mini vacuum cleaner is easy to use and manipulate, suitable for any space, even cars can use.

Which kind of good vacuum cleaner is easy to use and durable? 3
  • Cheap
  • Compact design convenient, easy to use and store
  • Weak operation capacity
  • Replace batteries often
  • Inability to absorb large sized dust

Automatic vacuum cleaner robot

Automatic vacuum cleaner robot has a compact design like a handheld vacuum cleaner. But this product line works fully automatically. Robot vacuum cleaner will promote its ability if it is operated on a flat surface, limiting activities in nooks and crannies.

Which kind of good vacuum cleaner is easy to use and durable? 4
  • Compact design
  • Fully automatic operation
  • There are many suction heads
  • The price is quite expensive
  • Poor performance in angled locations

Important criteria when choosing a vacuum cleaner

To choose the best vacuum cleaner is not easy. You have to rely on many factors and need to thoroughly understand the machines available on the market. Here are the criteria not to be missed if you want to find a truly suitable machine.

Which kind of good vacuum cleaner is easy to use and durable? 5

1. What is the capacity of the vacuum cleaner?

Machine capacity is the most important criterion you cannot ignore. Accordingly, the higher the capacity of the machine, it will be able to absorb many dust with large and small sizes in the fastest time. Low power machines will not absorb many types of dust and will last longer.

The vacuum capacity of the machine is usually proportional to the machine capacity. Therefore, the higher the vacuuming capacity, the greater the power consumption. So you should not choose a machine with too high capacity. It is best to choose the machine with moderate suction power, ranging from 300 – 500W

2. Does the vacuum cleaner have a light?

Although the indicator light does not affect the ability to vacuum the machine, it directly affects the convenience of use. Indicator lights help remind users when the dust bag is full to promptly take out or replace. Moreover, it also informs the user of the engine when it is time to clean and clean.

As a result, the engine is operated more efficiently and smoothly. Therefore, you should prioritize the type of vacuum cleaner equipped with this additional function.

3. Does the vacuum cleaner come with a dust bag?

Current types of vacuum cleaners are divided into two types, one using dust bags and the other using dust containers. Conventional dust bags will be cheaper. However, dust bags are not reusable many times, so it will be very expensive because they have to be replaced regularly.

Meanwhile, the machine using dust box will be more convenient because there is no cost to replace the dust bag. With these machines, you only need to open the dust box to clean, clean when the dust box is full.

4. Weight and noise level of the machine

Weight directly affects the process of use. To avoid inconveniences and difficulties when using the vacuum cleaner, you should choose the machine has a moderate weight, about 3-5kg to ease moving.

Besides, do not forget the noise level of the device. Many types of vacuum cleaners are often very noisy, affecting daily life, especially for families with young children and the elderly. Therefore, when choosing a vacuum cleaner, should choose the type of noise as low as possible and should be below 70dB.

5. Utilities and functions included

In addition to the main function of vacuuming, the vacuum cleaner now comes equipped with many other functions and utilities. Such as the blow function that blows away obstacles in front of you easily, the water suction function helps clean up stains such as juice, coffee, ….

Machines with more utilities will be much more convenient. Currently, a number of new generation vacuum cleaners are also equipped with a rotating nozzle to provide optimal support when vacuuming in hard-to-reach locations such as under beds, cars or in narrow spaces, etc. . Some machines can also change the height to facilitate movement in stairs, windows, ….

6. How much does the vacuum cleaner cost?

How much a vacuum cleaner is worth mentioning when looking for a good machine. By today's vacuum cleaner prices are diverse, from cheap, affordable to high-end. Naturally, the more advanced products are integrated with many new features.

Depending on the manufacturer, the price of the vacuum cleaner also varies. The cheapest are still the types of mini handheld vacuum cleaners from a few hundred thousand to the vacuum cleaner stand worth several million. More advanced is the robot vacuum line that costs tens of millions of dong.

Depending on the needs and budget conditions of each family to choose the right products. If your budget is limited, you can choose a compact, simple product like a handheld vacuum cleaner. If the economic conditions are good, the demand is high, you should refer to the selection of more advanced vacuum cleaner, more features.

7. Warranty of vacuum cleaner

As with other household appliances, when buying a vacuum cleaner you should also pay attention to the warranty period of the machine. Most vacuum cleaner products today have an average warranty period of about 12 months to 2 years. Therefore, you absolutely assured when using. Absolutely not buy vacuum cleaner products of unknown origin and short warranty period of less than 6 months.

The vacuum cleaner today

Hitachi, Electrolux or Panasonic, … are all well-known vacuum cleaner manufacturing brands on the market. Each manufacturer applies proprietary technologies so the models will have different salient features.

Hitachi vacuum cleaner

Hitachi is one of the most popular Japanese vacuum cleaner brands today. Hitachi products are applied with advanced and advanced technology processes, so they have good quality.

Hitachi series machines are equipped with advanced filters with Titanium filter technology and HEPA filter to clean the air after passing through a vacuum cleaner. Some models can change the length and change the direction of the vacuum pipe quickly and appropriately.

Hitachi vacuum cleaner has a solid design, the body is made of high quality plastic with good bearing capacity and heat resistance. Cleaning and cleaning products are also very simple. With a variety of models, Hitachi vacuum cleaners fit the needs of many families.

Some outstanding Hitachi models you should refer to are: Hitachi CV-SH18V, Hitachi CV-BH18V, Hitachi CV-SU20V, Hitachi CV-SU21V, Hitachi CV-SU23V, Hitachi CV-950Y, Hitachi CV-970Y.

Electrolux vacuum cleaner

With the design and price is quite cheap, Electrolux vacuum cleaners are very popular in Vietnam. AeroPro 3-in-1 suction nozzle allows cleaning many types of litter on the floor at the same time, and the machine works very durable. In particular, standard HEPA filters help Electrolux vacuum cleaners become more user friendly.

Some outstanding models of Electrolux you can refer to, such as: Electrolux Z2405, Electrolux ZLUX1811, Electrolux ZAR3500, Electrolux ZTF7660, Electrolux Z1860, Electrolux ZB404WD, Electrolux ZEQ6530, Electrolux ZS320.

Panasonic vacuum cleaner

Despite being a Japanese brand, Panasonic vacuum cleaners in Vietnam are mostly made in Malaysia.

Products branded Panasonic vacuum cleaners are quite diverse in design, luxurious style suitable for many people. With good quality, competitive prices, Panasonic vacuum cleaners are a good choice for many families.

Some outstanding models of your company can choose such as: Panasonic PAHB-MC-CG331RN46, Panasonic MC-CL561AN46, Panasonic MC-CL565KN46, Panasonic PAHB-MC-CL455KN46, Panasonic MC-CL563RN46…

Samsung vacuum cleaner

Samsung is a big and famous Korean technology corporation. Consumers know Samsung with TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, …. But few people know that the vacuum cleaner of this manufacturer is also very popular.

With beautiful designs, luxurious designs, diverse models and moderate prices, Samsung vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more popular with Vietnamese people, despite being introduced to the market later.

You can refer to some models of Samsung vacuum cleaners such as Samsung VC18M2120SB / SV, Samsung VC18M21M0VN / SV, Samsung VC20M2510WB / SV, Samsung VC20AVNDCNC / SV.

Bosch vacuum cleaner

Bosch is also a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of vacuum cleaners, from household appliances, automotive vacuum cleaners, to industrial vacuum cleaners. But Bosch vacuum cleaners are mostly mini handheld products.

The advantages of Bosch vacuum cleaners are smart design, modern design and extremely durable operation. However, the price of Bosch vacuum cleaners is usually higher than other brands on the market.

Some Bosch vacuum cleaners are worth a look like: Bosch BGS4ALLGB, Bosch BHN20110, Bosch Gas 18v-LI, Bosch BKS 4033, etc.

Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi is one of the few Chinese brands that make vacuum cleaners. Unlike other manufacturers, Xiaomi only focuses on manufacturing and supplying intelligent vacuum cleaners. Xiaomi vacuum cleaner products have a modern and luxurious design. At the same time applying many advanced technologies should work well. However, the price of Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is much higher than other types of vacuum cleaners, so it has not been used commonly.

You can refer to some products of Xiaomi such as: Xiaomi vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mijia Mi, Xiaomi Mi Roborock Gen 2, Xiaomi Mi Roborock S50 Gen 2, Xiaomi Mi Jia Roborock Robot Vacuum 2, ….

Toshiba vacuum cleaner

Toshiba vacuum cleaners are manufactured using our proprietary technology. At the same time, applying many advanced techniques to help the machine operate stably and durable.

With diverse designs and designs, Toshiba vacuum cleaners are suitable for the needs of many people.

You can refer to a number of its product lines such as: Toshiba Torneo VC – GC33CPV, Toshiba Torneo, Toshiba VC – RVD1, ….

Midea vacuum cleaner

Midea is well known for its range of portable mini vacuum cleaners and compact household vacuum cleaners. Midea vacuum cleaner products do not have too many designs and designs for users to choose. But the performance of the machine is good and the price is quite cheap, so many people choose.

Some prominent Midea vacuum cleaner models must include: Midea MVC – SC861B, Midea MVC – SC861R, ….

Top 5 types of best vacuum cleaners today

1. Electrolux Z1231 vacuum cleaner

Vacuum Electrolux Z1231

Vacuum Electrolux Z1231


Which kind of good vacuum cleaner is easy to use and durable? 13

Noise is quite high when operating

Vacuum Electrolux Z1231 Equipped with advanced technology, with a large capacity makes the vacuum process quick and easy. The machine uses an EPA 10 filter capable of filtering up to 85% of dirt, providing a clean, clean living space.

Electrolux Z1231 is equipped with an extremely convenient dust container, can be reused many times, so it is very economical. The container section is easy to disassemble for cleaning after being full of dust.

2. Panasonic vacuum cleaner MC – CG371AN46

Vacuum cleaner Panasonic MC - CG371AN46

Vacuum cleaner Panasonic MC – CG371AN46

Vacuum cleaner Panasonic MC – CG371AN46 with eye-catching diamond cross section design, is the product many women choose today. Weighing only 3.6kg, Panasonic MC – CG371AN46 is easy to use and move.

Panasonic MC – CG371AN46 uses ordinary filter, with 1600W input power and suction power up to 410W creating strong suction power. Thereby helping to clean quickly and easily. The device is equipped with a large dust bag with a capacity of 1.4 liters, allowing more dust.

The machine is equipped with more suction heads. In addition to the conventional nozzle, the machine also has a carpet nozzle, a mini nozzle with an extended straw, which helps users easily clean every corner.

3. Midea MVC – SC861B handheld vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner Midea MVC - SC861B

Vacuum cleaner Midea MVC – SC861B

Vacuum cleaner Midea MVC – SC861B is a cheap vacuum cleaner but has superior cleaning capabilities. With a compact design, Midea MVC – SC861B can be used for even the smallest spaces like in cars.

Midea MVC – SC861B uses a standard filter to filter out dirt quickly. Dust container structure is easy to disassemble and clean, very economical. The machine is equipped with a long handle that is convenient for moving into deep positions.

Especially, the rolling design is detachable from the body, which makes it a portable vacuum cleaner, easily cleaning small areas such as sopha chair slot, computer keyboard, ….

4. Hitachi vacuum cleaner CV – BM16 GN

Vacuum cleaner Hitachi CV - BM16 GN

Vacuum cleaner Hitachi CV – BM16 GN


Which kind of good vacuum cleaner is easy to use and durable? 13

Dust bag structure, must be replaced regularly

Which kind of good vacuum cleaner is easy to use and durable? 13

Loud noise level

Vacuum cleaner Hitachi CV – BM16GN with a capacity of 1600W helps to clean up all dirt quickly. This is the product line is very popular housewives now. The device is equipped with a 1.5-liter fabric dust bag, which holds more dirt and does not need frequent changes.

The upper part of the body is equipped with a handle to help users use more comfortable and easier. The bottom is equipped with a scroll wheel to help move when using more convenient.

5. Vacuum cleaner Toshiba VC – GC31CPV

Vacuum cleaner Toshiba VC - GC31CPV

Vacuum cleaner Toshiba VC – GC31CPV


Which kind of good vacuum cleaner is easy to use and durable? 13

Works quite noisy

Vacuum cleaner Toshiba VC – GC31CPV Compact design is the option for many families today. Weighing only 2.7kg, Toshiba VC – GC31CPV is easy to use and move to help clean the dirt in the house without spending too much time and effort.

Application of Torneo technology combined with large capacity helps to quickly vacuum, reducing maximum power consumption. The machine is also equipped with a very handy dust container, saving costs.

Which vacuum cleaner should you choose?

The 5 models introduced above all have good prices and outstanding quality. Depending on the needs of each family will choose a suitable product. But the most outstanding of the 5 above product lines is still Electrolux Z1231 vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Electrolux Z1231

Vacuum Electrolux Z1231

The machine not only has a large capacity, outstanding vacuum efficiency, but also has the ability to clean dust and air thanks to the use of the EPA 10. As a result, the space is not only clean, but also completely antibacterial, Fresh is very good for health.

Moreover, the machine is equipped with a large dust container that is easy to use. Every time it is full of dust, you only need to remove the dust container and empty it, then clean the box and reinstall it for normal use, so it is very economical.

Frequently Asked Questions

The vacuum cleaner is simply understood as a device to help clean the dirt. Currently, vacuum cleaners are used more commonly with different sizes and styles. From small-sized handhelds, to heavy-duty industrial machines.

Whether it is a mini vacuum cleaner or an industrial machine, it is basically composed of parts such as: Motor engine; Fan; Dust filter bags; Loading port; Exhaust port; Other details, …

Depending on the needs of each family will choose a suitable product. However, the most prominent of the 5 above-mentioned product lines is still Electrolux Z1231 vacuum cleaner.


Each of the manufacturers' vacuum cleaners has their own advantages and disadvantages. To choose the best vacuum cleaner, you first need to determine what you need and what you have. If it is economical, you can choose high-end models with many features for convenient use. But if your budget is limited, you can still choose the right, good quality products.

Hopefully, with this article you already know how to choose a good vacuum cleaner, suitable for the needs of the family.

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