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Which exercise machine is most effective in GYM room

Most of the equipment in the gym is created to practice for a specific muscle group, for example: The chest machine will affect the chest muscles, biceps, and shoulders; The leg exercise machine will affect the quadriplegic, upper thigh, lower thigh. So depending on the needs of the parts, we must choose the right machine to get the best results.

However most normal people will not have too much time for each exercise. And the problem is that if there is only a short period of time (30 minutes a day), then any exercise to get the best effect for the whole body. Here are 4 devices / exercises recommended by fitness instructor Chris Gagliardi who has an American Council certification on Exercise.

Rowing machine

This is one of the extremely popular exercise machines that gym rooms from affordable to high class have. Sitting posture as shown in the picture. When users exercise with this machine, the arms, shoulders, back, buttocks, thighs and legs will work simultaneously.

Note: When practicing with the rowing machine for the first time, you should ask your friends to guide the correct posture when practicing. Avoid common errors such as: Knee lock posture (straight legs that bring the knee into the lock position) or arch the back. These errors will make you vulnerable to the most traumatic or ineffective exercises.

Air bike (Bicycle bike)

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Air bike is different from traditional indoor bike in that it has hand movement when pedaling. Users sit up, adjust the weight accordingly and pedal. Air bike will simultaneously move the handle towards the back and forth. Pedal action will affect the upper thigh and hips while the hand push action will affect the user's chest, shoulders and hands. Exercises with Air bike are lighter than practice with rowing machines so users can practice for longer.

Stair-climbing machine

This is a very interesting machine, it's shaped like a staircase. When the user presses, the engine will roll the stairs and the user will step on it as if climbing a real staircase.

In many gyms there are 2 types of stair climbing machines. The type of a staircase simulation in buildings is also the type that Chris Gagliardi recommends in the original article. However, this type only has the same effect as the running / walking uphill only, not much for the upper body (arms, shoulders, back …).

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With my personal training experience, I encourage people to practice with the second type, the type of household ladder simulation. The ladder is set up steeply or vertically, when the machine runs the ladder, users will climb on that ramp to practice. With this escalation, users will use almost all muscle groups from hands, shoulders, back, hips, thighs, legs …

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Circuit training (Loop training exercise)

Circuit training is a continuous exercise of many movements and movements in a short time. Chris Gagliardi says that, instead of just one of the three above, users can alternate every 5 minutes. This will help the muscle groups be trained more evenly.

I personally practice Circuit training as body weight exercises (ie not using tools). I usually Squats-Plank-Inhale the soil-Bend the abdomen-Lift the legs, rotate each movement from 30-50 pieces or 2-3 minutes and repeat the whole 2-3 times. These exercises greatly improve the strength of the muscle groups they use in sports such as jogging, swimming and cycling.

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In addition to training at the same time with multiple muscle groups, all of the above 4 devices / exercises if properly exercised, the weight and frequency will also bring high efficiency in improving cardiovascular health. You must be careful not to increase the severity or agility in any exercise or equipment. Our bodies need time to adapt and adjust to every change, otherwise it will easily lead to injury.

Along with that the exercises need to be maintained regularly and seamlessly to achieve the best results. Avoid gathering for a while and then skip many days without practice, this does not bring any effect and even has the opposite effect.

Wishing you good sports habits as well as high performance in practice.

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