Which celery powder is good? The most effective weight loss help today

On the market today, there are many types of celery powder, so it is very difficult for people with weight loss needs to choose the product to use. Therefore, consumers need to learn in detail the information about celery powder to understand the ingredients and uses to choose the best and most suitable product.

1. What is celery powder?

Celery powder It is a product from fresh celery. Accordingly, right after harvesting, fresh plants will be cleaned, dried and ground into powder. Currently, manually milled celery powders will have a low fineness, a pungent odor and a bit difficult to drink. Therefore, many manufacturers have applied Japanese freeze-drying and sublimation drying technologies to make celery powder smooth and easier to drink.


When grinding celery powder with these 2 types of technology, it will help celery powder remove toxins and help celery retain its inherent flavor and nutrients.

2. The effect of celery powder

Many people choose celery powder instead of celery juice because celery powder offers many great uses:

  • Celery powder is easier to drink because it is added with sweet ingredients such as honey, stevia, … with a simple preparation.
  • Support the treatment of high blood pressure, apigenin, prevent blood vessel dilation.
  • Treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, etc.
  • Aids in the treatment of gout.
  • Helps sleep better.
  • Brings peace of mind and a feeling of relaxation.
  • Good for bones and joints because celery powder contains a lot of calcium and vitamin K.
  • Support the treatment of arthritis, anti-inflammatory.

3. The most effective types of celery powder for weight loss today

For those who need to use celery powder for weight loss To help get back in shape, you can refer to the 2 types of celery powder below:

3.1 Sitokata Celery Powder

Sitokata Celery Powder is a product of NanoFrance Hi-tech Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Co., Ltd., exclusively distributed by F99 Investment and Technology Joint Stock Company. This is a type of celery grown naturally in Da Lat, ensuring no pesticides, no chemicals and applying modern Japanese biological extraction and freeze-drying technology.


Sitokata Celery Powder

In addition, Sitokata ingredients are also added with other herbs, including:

  • Soybean sprouts: provide Isoflavones to help prevent blood fat, reduce cholesterol and stimulate breast growth.
  • Feminine ginseng: produces estrogen hormone in women, combined with vitamin E in female ginseng to help beautify the skin, improve beauty effectively.
  • Sweet grass: helps eliminate toxins in the body, improves heart health.

Sitokata Celery Powder also very smooth, cool taste, easy to drink thanks to the application of cold drying technology. Each time you drink, you mix 1 pack of Sitokata celery powder with 150ml of water, you can add ice if you want to drink it cold.

Reference price: 449k/20 packs.

3.2 Motree honey celery powder

For those who are in the process of losing weight, you should definitely not skip the powder Motree honey celery. This is a product of Eatuhoney Honey Bee Co., Ltd – Dak Lak and is exclusively distributed by Green Healthy Global Corp., Ltd.


Motree Honey Celery Powder

The product applies sublimation drying technology, ensuring freshness and natural nutrients, fine powder and drinking without slurry. In addition to celery powder accounting for about 78%, the product also adds 10% wild honey, 2% white pea essence, 2% jaggery.

The ratio of ingredients brings effective and stable weight loss effects with a sweet taste and is suitable for all subjects.

Reference price: 190k/14 packs.

To achieve the best weight loss effect, users should refer to and use these types of celery powder of famous brands in the market.

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