Which car vacuum cleaner is good?  Experience buying a car vacuum cleaner

Which car vacuum cleaner is good? Experience buying a car vacuum cleaner

Which car vacuum cleaner is good? What to keep in mind when buying a car vacuum cleaner? The following experiences of buying a car vacuum cleaner will help you.

A car vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that usually has a compact, portable design. The machine is capable of absorbing all kinds of dirt, debris … on many surfaces in cars such as seats, floor, ceiling, in nooks and crannies … to help clean the car’s interior.

Structure and operating principle of car vacuum cleaner?

Construction of car vacuum cleaner

The structure of a handheld car vacuum cleaner is quite simple, including the following parts:

Suction head

This is the part in direct contact with the surfaces when operating. Today’s car vacuum cleaners often offer many different types of nozzle to flexibly use for many positions on the car such as: big head or small head, round or flat head, hard head or soft head … Large suction is often used for wide surfaces such as car seats, car ceilings, car floors …, flat heads are often used in narrow wall slots …

Car vacuum cleaners often have many different types of vacuums

In addition to the above types of vacuums, many vacuum cleaners also have a nozzle integrated with a brush to help remove and smooth dust, dust, and debris before vacuuming into the machine.

Electric motor

The electric motor in a car vacuum cleaner is a type with a large rotation speed and large torque. The engine will cause the centrifugal vane to rotate vigorously to create a huge suction force, quickly absorb dirt and debris into it.

Dust filter and dust filter bag

The dust filter acts to block dirt and debris. Dust filter bag helps keep dirt, debris … after vacuuming.

Dust filter will help prevent dirt, debris …

Principle of operating car vacuum cleaner

The principle of operating a car vacuum cleaner is very simple. When the operation is turned on, the electric motor works, causing the suction fan to rotate strongly, creating a large suction force. Dirt, debris … will be strongly sucked through the suction head into the filter and kept in the filter bag. The entrained air stream will be purified before being released.

The operating principle of a car vacuum cleaner is very simple

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What should be noted when buying a car vacuum cleaner?

To choose a good car vacuum cleaner, the buyer should note some experiences of buying a car vacuum cleaner:

Priority to buy vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters

What is a HEPA filter? The HEPA filter is a special filter made up of a fiberglass mesh with an extremely small diameter of only 0.5-2 micrometers. So this filter is able to filter out microscopic dust particles that can cause respiratory diseases, asthma such as fungal spores, pollen, smoke, fur …

HEPA filter is capable of filtering micro dust particles

With conventional car vacuum cleaners that do not have a HEPA filter, these harmful microscopic dust particles will not be filtered but discharged to the outside. However, with vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, it not only helps to clean the car cleaner but also helps to purify the air, eliminating bacteria as well as harmful health agents. Therefore, when buying a car vacuum cleaner, buyers should prioritize choosing the models that use HEPA filters.

Priority is given to car vacuum cleaners that can suck up liquids

This is a very useful feature of the vacuum cleaner that not many buyers notice. Everyone thinks the vacuum cleaner can only suck dust, dry debris. But in fact, there are many lines of vacuum cleaners for cars today that integrate the liquid suction feature very conveniently. If you choose this machine, in cases such as spilled water on the car floor, leather seats … users can easily handle it clean immediately.

Many lines of vacuum cleaners for cars today incorporate a very convenient liquid suction feature

Choose a car vacuum cleaner with the right capacity

A vacuum cleaner with a larger suction capacity, the more electricity it will use, as well as the higher the cost. Large-capacity vacuum cleaners are also often cumbersome. Therefore, depending on the needs of use that should choose a machine with an appropriate capacity. Sometimes high-powered machines are not necessarily good.

If the need for use is as simple as vacuuming only surfaces in the car, preferring a compact machine, you can choose small portable mini vacuum cleaners. If the car is regularly clinging to a lot of dust, debris … need a powerful machine that vacuums a strong car and is available for use indoors, it can be given priority to large-capacity machines.

Pay attention to the noise of the vacuum cleaner

Noise when the vacuum cleaner is operating is unavoidable. However, there will be a lot of noise and less noise. Some big brands will usually print noise on the packaging, others won’t. So when buying a vacuum cleaner, it is best if you can actually check to see how loud the machine is before buying.

Which car vacuum cleaner is good?

Currently on the market there are many lines of portable car vacuum cleaners from countless different brands. In which, there are a number of car vacuum cleaner brands that have received high quality and trustworthiness from many people such as:

Xiaomi car vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi is an electronics manufacturer from China. Xiaomi products are loved by their beautiful design, modern technology and relatively “soft” price. Xiaomi currently has a wide range of popular car vacuum cleaners, notably the Xiaomi Cleanfly-FVQ.

Xiaomi Cleanfly-FVQ car vacuum cleaner owns an extremely compact size, up to 60% smaller than other portable car vacuum cleaners. Users can easily store the device anywhere in the car. At the same time, using a vacuum cleaner in narrow locations is also simpler than other bulky machines. The machine has features of 2-layer dust filter, fast charging, uses a 12V pipe to charge, has many different nozzle …

Xiaomi Cleanfly-FVQ car vacuum cleaner

Bosch car vacuum cleaner

Bosch is one of the largest companies specializing in automotive equipment (such as car wipers, vacuum cleaners, multi-function kits …), headquartered in Germany. Bosch portable vacuum cleaners are favored for their strong power, durable use, and not too high price. Currently, Bosch has many outstanding vacuum cleaners such as Bosch BHN14090, Bosch BHN20110 …

The Bosch BHN14090 portable car vacuum cleaner can vacuum dust and liquids very conveniently. Battery life is up to 16 hours. Bosch BHN14090 uses Air Clean technology with HEPA filter, so it is not only clean but also clean.

Bosch BHN14090 portable car vacuum cleaner

Black Decker car vacuum cleaner

Black Decker is a manufacturer of electric tools, car toy accessories a long-standing family from America. Black Decker vacuum cleaner is famous for its strong power, effective cleaning ability, and filters out fine dust particles. The company also has a number of popular wireless mini car vacuum cleaners. Popular Black Decker car vacuum cleaners are Black Decker NVB115J-B1, Black Decker PV1820L-B1, Black Decker WD7201G-B1, Black Decker PV1020L-B1 …

Black Decker car vacuum cleaner NVB115J-B1

Baseus car vacuum cleaner

Baseus is a manufacturer specializing in technology accessories from Hong Kong. Baseus has many models of hand-held car vacuum cleaners with beautiful compact design, strong suction power, and a brush head to help quickly clean the interior surfaces of cars. Outstanding lines of Baseus oto handheld vacuum cleaners include Baseus Shark One H-505, Mini Baseus Capsule Cordless Vacuum Cleaner …

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Baseus Shark One H-505 oto vacuum cleaner

TCL car vacuum cleaner

TCL is a corporation specializing in the production of electrical appliances from China. TCL has many lines of vacuum cleaners, in which the series of handheld vacuum cleaners for cars using powerful spiral suction technology, the ability to absorb solids and liquids, use HEPA filters … TCL’s popular handheld mini vacuum cleaner can be mentioned as TCL CX6, CX9 vacuum cleaner …

TCL CX6 car portable vacuum cleaner

4-in-1 car vacuum cleaner

This is one of the best-selling car vacuum cleaners available today, favored for its versatility. As the name suggests, a 4-in-1 car vacuum cleaner has 4 features including: vacuum cleaner, car tire pump, tire pressure gauge, rescue flashlight. In which 2 features a modest vacuum pump tire that many people love. The machine has up to 2 powerful engines. The price of a 4-in-1 car vacuum cleaner is also quite “soft”.

4-in-1 car vacuum cleaner has up to 4 features including: vacuum cleaner, car tire pump, tire pressure gauge, rescue flashlight

In addition to using a vacuum cleaner, users should combine the use of car interior cleaning solutions to remove stains, thoroughly sterilize; Use car deodorizers to deodorize, purify the air …

In addition, there are a number of ways to improve and limit dirt in the car as well as make cleaning easier and less time consuming such as:

Car leather ceilings: Car ceilings are usually covered with felt materials, which are easy to vacuum, save dust, cling to dirt, moisture, and produce mold bacteria. Leather car ceilings are a solution not only to upgrade the car’s interior to be more luxurious, but also to make the ceiling cleaner, easier to clean and clean.

6D floor mat: Today’s 6D floor mat is a very popular auto accessory. The carpet has a design for a premium feel, especially with many features of anti-dust, water, moisture … effective. A 6D car floor mat is usually included with the trunk.

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