Which car should I buy when running Grab Car?

Which car should I buy when running Grab Car?

Which car should I buy when running Grab Car? These The following experience buying a Grab car will help you choose the most suitable car.

Buy car car running Grab is an investment with a small amount of money to buy a car. Therefore, buyers need to calculate and choose carefully in order to get the highest profit.

Experience buying a Grab car

Affordable price

If buying a Grab car is an investment story, the money to buy a car is the initial investment cost or “capital”. In business, the lower the capital spent, the higher profits will be. Therefore, when buying a Grab car, you should only choose to buy popular and cheap models so that the amount of “capital” spent as low as possible.

According to some people with experience buying a Grab car, if you want to save, you should choose to buy car cost 300 – 400 million copper. At this price range, you can choose compact A or B class cars such as Kia Morning, Hyundai i10, Toyota Wigo, Kia Soluto, Hyundai Accent, Mitsubishi Attrage …

Buying a Grab car should give priority to affordable cars

If the investment budget is more abundant, it can be purchased vehicle 500 – 600 million copper. At this price, you have more options. For example, class B sedans such as Toyota Vios, Honda City… or a 7-seat car like Suzuki Ertiga, Suzuki XL7, Mitsubishi Xpander, Toyota Rush

On the Grab run question should buy a new or old carIf you want to save as much as possible, buy a car old car Running Grab is the most economical solution. Because costs of buying a used car much lower than the new car.

Besides, to minimize the cost of buying a car, you should not buy a high version car, instead, you should prioritize the cheap version. If you do not mind you can buy a car session gearbox instead of car automatic transmission because manual cars are cheaper.


Durability is a very important factor to consider when buying a Grab car. Because Grab cars are many times harsher than home cars. Grab cars have to run continuously all day, under the rain and shine …

If the car is often damaged, not only will it cost to repair but also waste time, affecting the owner ‘s income. So when buying a Grab car, you should choose a car with a reputation for durability Japanese car models Toyota, Honda’s motobike, Mitsubishi, Nissan

According to experience buying a Grab car, priority should be given to cars with a high reputation for durability

Low operating costs

If the money to buy the car is the “capital” of the initial investment, then the operating cost is an investment to maintain. This is also an important item. And of course still as a general rule, the less you spend, the more profits you can get. Therefore, when buying a Grab car, priority should be given to models with low operating costs.

The costs of keeping a car In addition to fixed amounts such as registration fees, road maintenance fees, car insurance …, the costs will mainly be the cost of gasoline and vehicle maintenance – repair.

Therefore, the factor to consider is the fuel consumption of the car. The more fuel-efficient a car model, the better the owner will benefit. To know which cars are the most fuel efficient today is easy, just look at the taxi. The model that is chosen the most by taxi companies is usually the most fuel efficient ones. For example, 4 – 5 seater car with Hyundai i10, Kia Morning, Toyota Vios, Nissan Sunny… 7-seater car with Toyota Innova, Mitsubishi Xpander …

Buying a Grab car should give priority to cars with low operating costs

Besides, the buyer also needs to pay attention to the cost of car maintenance and repair. Each row of vehicles will have a price list for maintenance – repair – replacement of different parts. So when buying a car should always refer to this section. Currently, the most affordable companies for maintenance are Toyota, Hyundai, That

Spacious interior, basic amenities

Interior space and comfortable equipment are also important criteria when buying Grabtaxi cars. The interior of the car should be spacious so that guests can sit comfortably. Some models with spacious space, including class A, are Hyundai i10, Toyota Wigo … Grade B includes Toyota Vios, Kia Soluto, Mitsubishi Attrage, Suzuki Ciaz… 7-seat car has Toyota Innova

Grab cars with a wide interior will help customers sit more comfortably

As for convenience to save costs, it should not be too important. Grab cars only need basic amenities. Air conditioners can use mechanical instead of automatic to save costs. However separate the seat upholstery. Current low-cost car versions are often still upholstered. This type of upholstery has the disadvantage of easy to dirty, difficult to clean. So car owners should invest leather seat upholstery the car is both beautiful and cleaner.

Compact, flexible design

If you buy a Grab car, if you operate a lot in a crowded inner city with frequent traffic jams … you should give priority to compact cars with high flexibility to move and wriggle easily. The compact cars currently on the market stand out such as Kia Morning, Hyundai i10, Toyota Wigo …

Which car should I buy when running Grabcar?

1. Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai Grand i10 is a class A compact hatchback with the cheapest price in the segment. Compared to competitors, Hyundai i10 has a quite wide interior, economical fuel consumption. Regardless of company Korean car The quality of i10 is also assessed to be good and benign. Hyundai i10 has many versions, including a manual version for car buyers. This is the reason why Hyundai i10 is chosen by so many taxi companies.

The Hyundai Grand i10 is one of the most popular Grab car buyers

2. Kia Morning

Kia Morning is a class A compact hatchback similar to the i10. Compared with the Hyundai i10, the rear seats of the Kia Morning are somewhat tighter. However, in return, the car has a youthful and sporty design. Although it is a cheap car, it is invested a lot in exterior and safety equipment.

Kia Morning stands out with its youthful design and modern equipment

3. Toyota Wigo

Toyota Wigo is sample hatchback car Small class A, sharing the same segment with Hyundai i10, Kia Morning … Compared with competitors, the Toyota Wigo is highly appreciated for its brand position. Talking about Toyota cars, people will immediately think of high durability, economical fuel consumption and the ability to keep prices well. These are all advantages on the Wigo. In addition, this model also owns a quite spacious cabin space.

Toyota Wigo is highly appreciated for its brand name, quality, durability …

4. Toyota Vios

Speaking of service cars, we cannot ignore the “king of sales”. Toyota Vios. This is the best-selling car model in the Vietnamese auto market, and it is also the car with the largest number of service runs. The reason the Toyota Vios is so successful is because of its “bronze pot”, the ability to operate smoothly and smoothly, and low fuel consumption … Besides, Vios also has the strength of spacious interior, good-looking neutral design … There are many versions with easy to choose prices.

Toyota Vios is the best-selling car model in Vietnam

5. Kia Soluto

Kia Soluto is a sample sedan car Grade B, sharing the same segment with Toyota Vios. Although the quality of the Kia Soluto is not as appreciated as the Toyota Vios, in general, this is still a good choice for those who are wondering what car to buy. This Kia car has the advantage of selling “soft”, which is almost the cheapest in the segment. Young designers and entrepreneurial. The cabin compartment is also quite spacious.

Kia Soluto has the most attractive selling price in the segment

6. Mitsubishi Attrage

Mitsubishi Attrage is a suggestion worth considering if you are not sure what car to buy for Grab. Because Attrage has many strengths suitable to buy a Grab car.

Mitsubishi Attrage is the cheapest car in the segment

This is the cheapest car in the B-class sedan segment while it is a Japanese car, and is also imported from Thailand (other B-class cars are mostly assembled domestically). Although the shape is compact, the Attrage interior is very airy. The only downside is that the car uses a 1.2L engine. However, if mainly running Grab in the city, this engine block is still fine.

Vinh Hoa

Frequently asked questions about buying a Grab car

? Should I buy a Grab car?

Reply: The “golden age” of Grab riders will last for the first 2-3 years when Grab returns to Vietnam. In recent years, Grab has increased discounts. This makes the income of Grab runners no longer as good as before.

? Which car should I buy when running Grab Car?

Reply: Running Grab Car can consider cheap models such as: Hyundai i10, Kia Morning, Toyota Wigo, Toyot Vios, Kia Soluto …

? How should I choose a car when I buy a Grab car?

Reply: According to the experience of buying a Grab car for many people, buying a Grab car should prioritize the criteria of cheap price, durability, fuel saving, low maintenance costs …

? Should I buy a 4-seater or a 7-seat car for Grab?

Reply: If you buy a car that only focuses on Grab in the city, with a low budget to buy a car, you should choose a 4-seat car. If the budget is more abundant, you can buy a 7-seat car to both run Grab and combine to run more long-distance contract cars.

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