Which Batman are likely to appear in The Flash movie?

Which Batman are likely to appear in The Flash movie?

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Ben Affleck will return as Batman in The Flash. This left the door open for a series of Batman actors who would previously appear in the movie.

The introduction of the multiverse in The Flash will facilitate knock-on encounters between multiple versions of each DC hero. This opened the door for a number of Batman actors from the past to show up. Michael Keaton will return as Batman in the upcoming Flash movie and now, Ben Affleck will be making a comeback in the 2022 film as well.

DCEU-Batman-and-The-Flash last film

The Flash is said to be an adaptation of the Flashpoint event in the comics. The story shows The Flash trying to travel back in time and get stuck in a new reality. It has been confirmed that Ezra Miller’s Flash will go to “parallel dimensions”. This makes it possible that various versions of the DC heroes will be featured in the movie.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan – Flashpoint Batman

Jeffrey-Dean-Morgan-Flashpoint-Batman last film

Since Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s brief appearance as Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne, in Batman V SupermanThere have been rumors that the actor will return as Flashpoint Batman. In the original storyline of the Flashpoint comics, when it comes to alternate reality, Barry Allen seeks Batman’s help. However, he discovers that in this timeline, Thomas Wayne became Batman after Bruce was murdered in a notorious alley. This Batman is purely a bit more brutal, and fans have been eager to see this version on the screen

Christian Bale – The Dark Knight

Christian-Bale-in-Batman-Begins-Cropped at the end of the movie

Christian Bale’s return as Batman in The Flash seems unlikely. But with every DC movie now adding multiple universes there will still be possibilities. If WB and DC are looking to make The Flash a real party, like Arrowverse’s Crisis On Infinite EarthsThey will definitely ‘lure’ Bale back even if it was just a brief cameo.

The British actor’s Batman is one of the most acclaimed superhero movies of all time. Director Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy has set a high standard for the genre in recent years. Seeing The Dark Knight himself appear in The Flash will definitely be a fan favorite moment.

Val Kilmer – Batman Forever

At this point, things are still a bit mysterious, but with Muschietti’s confirmation that the multiverse contains “all that you’ve seen” and “everything you’ll see”, the possibility of Val Kilmer returning is also very high.

Val Kilmer himself will also appear at DC FanDome on August 22, sparking rumors of Batman Forever’s Cut, similar to Justice League Snyder Cut. But perhaps the actor will attend purely for a different reason – to promote his DC comeback with his appearance as Batman in The Flash.

Robert Pattinson – The Batman

Batman ends the movie

Before The Flash comes out in 2022, Robert Pattinson will take on the role of the Dark Knight in 2021. Naturally, there has been some talk about what Ben Affleck’s return means to Robert Pattinson and ‘The Batman. by Matt Reeves.

For now, Pattinson will be the main Batman for the DCEU in the future, and the movie is likely to be a completely independent affair that doesn’t need to fit into any vast universe. Keeping The Batman separate makes sense for Pattinson in this role, allowing the movie to set up its own universe unobstructed.

Matt Reeves’ noir-inspired film is said to focus more on Batman’s detective skills and seems to be a much simpler story than The Flash’s time travel.

Which Batman do you look forward to most?

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