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Which Apple iPhone supports the longest upgrade?

It has been 11 years for iPhone and 13 iOS versions to be released. And usually Apple supports the new OS for the old iPhone for a very long time (about 3 to 5 years), however "the leaf is all gone" if the old iPhone is configured too low to continue to use well then Apple will stop providing new iOS versions completely.

Below is a chart that supports iOS on all iPhone lines over the years:

Is it a coincidence that Apple has "arranged" that the chart is very nice and logical. iPhone 5s may be the iOS supported model for the longest time from original iOS 7 to iOS 12.x.x today, totaling 6 iOS versions over 5 years.

However, Apple released iOS 13 after the recent WWDC event means that iPhone 5s and iPhone 6/6 Plus will only stop in the iOS version 12.x.x final. One of the main reasons is that these two iPhone models have only 1 GB of internal RAM, probably at the time of launch, the amount of RAM on the iPhone is not important to measure performance. But it took 4 – 5 years when the technology was more and more advanced, new iOS versions added smarter, more diverse experience, it was clear that 1 GB RAM could not meet (Note: 1GB RAM is only one part of the reason).

If you look back at the chart above, maybe next year iPhone SE and 6s / 6s Plus will be "on the road" soon when iOS is no longer supported. That happens, this chart will also look better in a ladder style : D however happy it is, hoping Apple will have some way to support OS for older iPhone models as long as possible.


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