Where to buy heaters good price?
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Where to buy heaters good price?

Heating equipment is the hottest product on the market today, especially this winter. There are many types of heating products such as oil heaters, fan heaters, electric blankets, compresses … Where to buy reputable heating appliances? Choose the type of heater to suit? You can refer to the article below to buy prestigious and genuine heaters.

Heating equipment
Heating devices are preferred to use

How important is heating in the winter?

The weather is colder and respiratory diseases are more likely to develop, as well as people’s resistance is somewhat reduced due to the changing weather. Especially in the winter bath should be paid attention, especially for the elderly, young children or those who are physically weak. If not careful, taking a shower in the cold weather can lead to a cold, even a stroke. Therefore, a bathroom heater or fan is extremely necessary.

Next, oil heating fans are the best measures during the cold days of your family. The most optimal uses that oil heating fans bring to you are surprising, with a fast heating technique that is not particularly dry and extremely economical for users who are suitable for families with small children.

Heating bag

It can be said that the heating bag is the simplest heating structure and mechanism and the cheapest price among heating devices. There are many types of heating bags on the market, but the most popular ones are Fashy, Thien Thanh and Huong Duong heating bags.

Sunflower hot compress
Multifunction sunflower bag Used for abdominal pain, postpartum pain

The heating bag has a very fast heating time, it only takes about 7 minutes to plug in and it can be used immediately. The time for keeping heat is quite long: if the bag is left outside the blanket, the time to keep heat is about 1.5 hours and if put in the blanket, it can keep heat for about 5 hours. The heating bag has many sizes so it is suitable for many users and can be used to apply heat to hands, feet, back and neck.

Fan heaters (heating lamps)

Fan heater is a form of heating lamp designed to look like a table fan or fan. There are three types of fan heaters: mayso fan, halogen fan and carbon lamp fan.

Halogen Heater Fan (Halogen Heater):

Halogen fan heating
Sunhouse electric heater Sunhouse SHD7015 Does not cause dry skin

Halogen fan is a compact fan with a compact design, simple structure, high mobility, cheap price and also few functions. This type of fan uses halogen lamp technology (a mixture of argon and nitrogen), the simple structure consists of two to five halogen bulbs installed in plastic containers. When the light is on, the electrical energy will be converted into heat energy transmitted to the environment.

Halogen heating is usually very cheap, only about 150,000 VND for three light bulbs and 300,000 VND for five bulbs.

Heating fans use mayso

This is the most classic and long standing heating fan. This type of heating is also very simple, including only a set of mayso inside, which is quite good for heating. Mayso heating is currently not popular and few people choose to buy it although the price is quite cheap, only from over 150,000 VND per unit.

Electric carbon fiber heater (Electric carbon fiber heater):

Compared to two types of halogen and mayso heating, carbon lamp heating has many advantages such as higher heat and especially not emitting light that affects your sleep. The price of carbon lamp heater is also higher than that of halogen heating, ranging from 700,000 VND to nearly 2 million VND each. The carbon heater with the lowest power of 400W and the highest of 1800W is equipped with a number of intelligent features such as auto-disconnect if it falls, operation indicator light, timer …

Oil-Filled Radiator Heater

Oil heating
FujiE OFR4413 oil heater there are 13 bars

Oil heaters are the most advanced and expensive heating equipment available on the market today. Maybe you thought the oil heater would run on oil and would you have to replace the oil or refill the tank periodically? In fact, this is not the case. Oil heaters use a special oil called diathermic oil. Put simply, this is a good heat transfer oil and especially not consumed during use so no need to replace or replenish. This means that when you use an oil heater, you do not need to care about the condition of the oil inside the heater and replace them.

The principle of operation of the oil heater is when the machine works, the heating plates will be heated and transfer heat through the oil to the outside environment so it will not burn oxygen nor dry skin like other heating devices. . When using an oil heater, you will feel the warmth spreading out throughout the room and more comfortable than using mayso, halogen or carbon heating devices.

Oil heaters on the market have common types from 9 to 13 heating rods with the highest capacity of 2900W and the price ranges from over 1 million VND to over 3 million VND depending on the number of heating rods and capacity. Some popular brands of oil heaters on the market include BlueStone, Fujie, Tiross …

Where buy prestige heaters?

One of the suppliers of genuine electrical equipment products is META.vn, which specializes in providing the best electrical appliances, household appliances, and winter heating devices. The current.

META.vn products are imported from the manufacturer, ensuring product labels, choosing the best and appropriate products for users and families will become easier to learn. and choose to buy the products here.

In addition, you will also receive incentives from suppliers, advice, installation for each product to ensure the selection of the most suitable products for the family. Heating prices are also committed to selling at a price set by the manufacturer itself so customers can buy the right products.

To buy genuine heater with diverse models, you can refer to some addresses such as:

Heaters purchased in Hanoi:

No. 56 Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay, Hanoi. Phone: 024.3785.5633

Heaters purchased in Ho Chi Minh:

Số 716-718 Điện Biên Phủ, Phường 10, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. Phone: 028.3830.8569

Use caution when using electric heating equipment

  • Do not allow children to be naughty and have close contact with heating devices to avoid burns, electric shock
  • Do not use wet hands to plug the power, do not use water to clean the heating device, but only use a damp cloth to clean (after the power has been disconnected)
  • Regularly check the safety status of equipment before use
  • To make the device durable, should not be plugged in and used continuously for a long time, should give the device a break after a few hours of use.
  • When using a heat lamp, a fan should keep a basin of water in the room to keep moisture in, or slightly open the door to allow air to circulate.

Hopefully, with the useful information from this article, you can choose a good price and reputable heater for your family this winter.

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