Where is the reason for the car's difficulty to start?

Where is the reason for the car’s difficulty to start?

There are many reasons that make it difficult for a car to start. If detected in time, you can fix it as soon as possible.

The battery is damaged or weak

This is one of the main reasons that make it difficult to start a car. Mostly this happens when the charge is dropped. When the user turns off the car engine but many electronic devices in the car continue to use electricity to operate, the battery will be consumed. If the car only has a low battery due to the reduced charge, the owner can recharge the battery using a generator. However, if deliberately ignored, do not supply power to the battery, the charge will decrease until exhausted, after a while the car will not be able to start, not only difficult to start the engine. Note that when parking the car without turning off the headlights also consumes a lot of electricity, so drivers should turn off their headlights when the car is not moving to save power for the car.

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The battery terminals are poorly connected

The battery terminals will gradually corrode over time. However, many people who use cars don’t really pay attention to this. Corroded terminals have poor electrical conductivity, making it difficult for cars to start. The only way to fix this problem is to have a complete replacement. Vehicle users should check the battery periodically to promptly repair and replace when a failure occurs.

Check the battery terminals when it is difficult for the car to start

The system is faulty

Listen to the vehicle as it starts. If it is difficult for a car to start the engine and make a click from inside the vehicle, it is likely that the vehicle’s engine is having problems. The system’s electromagnet tubes start when you try to start the car, the engine shows no sign of starting, but you can hear a click inside. This is because the electromagnet tubes in the system perform the function of switching on and off immediately, but there are errors and problems in the process.

Failure of the system is also the cause of the car’s difficulty in starting the engine

No electric spark

Crazy spark is one of the most important factors in vehicle performance. If the vehicle does not have a spark or low electric spark, it will not be able to start the engine or very difficult to start the engine. This problem occurs when the spark plug or igniter malfunction. Sparks are required to appear at the correct time and have enough voltage or the car will have difficulty starting the engine. The driver should pay attention when the car starts to have difficulty starting, the engine of the vehicle weakens, take the car to the maintenance shop to promptly inspect and replace the spark plug.

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The gear lever is not in the correct position

In some cases, the driver of the automatic transmission vehicle does not change the gearshift to P position or the manual transmission driver of the manual transmission does not step on the clutch pedal and is setting the gear, leading to a difficult situation in the car machine. If the car has a start / stop button, the driver needs to depress the brake pedal so that the engine can start. Performing wrong procedure will make it very difficult for a car to start or start the engine.

Check the gear lever when starting the car

Defective anti-theft system

Today, many cars have adopted car key encryption technology, it can even be installed in sync with the car. This is modern and convenient technology. However, sometimes this technology also makes it difficult for a car to start. The anti-theft system can make mistakes and prevent the owner of the vehicle from starting the engine. When an error occurs, this intelligent system will check the encryption of the car key, even the smart key cannot avoid the same situation. To avoid this problem, the owner of the car should replace the key battery periodically.

Faulty relay or fuel pump

In cars, gasoline is also a coolant for the fuel pump. When the fuel pump or the relay has a fault, the gasoline will not be sprayed enough to start the car, making it difficult for the car to start. Especially when the driver is driving at a slow speed, the gas pump will absorb more air and increase the heat, the fuel pump will quickly fail. To prevent this situation, the vehicle owner can observe the fuel pressure gauge.

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The fuel pump can interfere with the vehicle’s start-up

The system or fuel injector is clogged

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The starting vehicle needs fuel, but the fuel cannot reach the engine if the fuel injector is blocked due to dirt or residue in the pipeline. The owner needs to clean the fuel injection system so that the car can continue to start normally. Note that when it is difficult for a car to start the engine for a long time, the owner should bring the car to the maintenance shop to find a way to fix it, not be subjective.

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