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When will the iPhone 11 come out?

As we know in September every year is the event that Apple launched a new iPhone, but each year there will be a different day of organization. We will have another 2 months to come to this important event, say a little happy in September just like "Tet of iFan".

Events September 2018: iPhone Xs / Xs Max / XR

Taking place on September 12, Apple launched the iPhone Xs and Xs Max with a 6.5 "screen ratio (the iPhone has the largest ratio ever). Also launched an iPhone XR 6.1" with aluminum finish. and LCD screen to match the price segment "slightly" more easily, but it owns the same internal hardware as the Xs and Xs Max. Apple also introduced the Apple Watch Series 4 design changes after 3 years from the first life.

September 2017 Event: iPhone 8/8 Plus / X

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This is also the 10-year-old iPhone, the event that took place on September 12 at Steve Jobs Theater. iPhone X is a commemorative product as well as Apple called it "Future of Smartphone". Up to now, the design of the iPhone X is still very beautiful and luxurious, and equipped with a steel frame to make the machine look sleek and much more durable. Face ID is also an important security step and completely changed the way people unlock iPhone, much more convenient and fast than Touch ID.

Other products: Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K.

September 2016 Event: iPhone 7/7 Plus

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The event took place on September 7, the noteworthy point of launching iPhone 7 Plus was that Apple introduced the portrait capture feature to remove Portrait mode via the second camera (iPhone 7 Plus) with a narrow focal length. More than 56mm very valuable. Since then, having 2 cameras on iPhone is also a premise for other Smartphone firms to integrate, a very important step in taking photos with phones.

Other products: Apple Watch Series 2, AirPods.

September 2015 event: iPhone 6s / 6s Plus / SE

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The event took place on September 9, iPhone 6s has been upgraded a lot about hardware, Apple A9 chip has taken 6s and 6s Plus is the fastest and smoothest smartphone at the time. The camera is also upgraded to 12 MP, larger sensor, Live Photo capture, integrated 3D Touch (force sensor) into the screen. In particular, Rose Gold has become a "phenomenon" right after the launch event.

iPhone SE is also equipped with internal hardware quite similar to 6s (Same chip) and has an external design and compact 4-inch screen similar to the previous iPhone 5 and 5s.

Other products: Apple Watch x Hermes, iPad Pro

In short: What day do you think iPhone 11 (next generation) will take place in September this year?

Summary of rumors about the new iPhone:


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