When Wang Baoqiang was in trouble, he asked Chen Sicheng to borrow money. Chen Sicheng responded with 4 words that made him remember for a lifetime
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When Wang Baoqiang was in trouble, he asked Chen Sicheng to borrow money. Chen Sicheng responded with 4 words that made him remember for a lifetime

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To say that the movie that everyone is most looking forward to this Spring Festival, it must be “Detective Chinatown 3”. I have to say that the first two really brought us too many surprises, and the brain-burning and funny plot made all audiences want to stop. Even more so, when it started, Tang Tan seemed to be inseparable from the Spring Festival.

And what impressed everyone most in the movie must be the unique and funny “Baoqiang style”. If Qin Feng played by Liu Haoran is like an “ability man”, then Tang Ren, played by Wang Baoqiang, is to let the gods fall into the world. Many people say that Wang Baoqiang’s existence may not be important, but it is precisely Tang Ren’s role that runs through the bond between “god” and “man”.

So far, Wang Baoqiang has starred in 3 Tang Detective series. If you are a good friend, it is nothing wrong, but if you look at Baoqiang’s current worth, the resources can be said to be innumerable, so why do you star in the same movie three times in a row? This is basically impossible for many stars.

Today’s Wang Baoqiang is different from the past. In the beginning, everyone defined him as an honest “fool”. When filming “Blind Shaft”, the previous actor directly broke the contract because he was afraid of the collapse of the mine, and Baoqiang stupidly became the “substitute” and received 500 yuan in advance.

In “A World Without Thieves”, Wang Baoqiang plays another “silly root” that everyone can bully. It was such an image of a fool that caused many people on the set to call him “a fool.” As a newcomer from the countryside, Bao Qiang couldn’t refute and didn’t dare to offend others, so he could only obediently agree.

After that, even Feng Xiaogang said that although “A World Without Thieves” made Wang Baoqiang popular, he was worried that the image of this fool would ruin him. Because in the entertainment industry, once an actor has been labeled with a certain label, it is even more difficult to take it off.

Fortunately, the subsequent “Mr. Tree” saved him in time. In this movie, Bao Qiang uses his own strength to explain to everyone that he can not only act as a fool, but he can use any role freely.

And such a simple and good character is for him to accumulate countless good popularity in the circle. I still remember the “People on the Road” that he and Xu Zheng collaborated with. This movie not only made them famous, but also gave Xu Zheng a chance to be a director.

But at the beginning, no one would care about an inexperienced little director, even if he was the famous Xu Zheng. Therefore, when he was looking for people everywhere with the script of “Tai囧”, no one recognized Xu Zheng at all. It was during his most difficult time that Wang Baoqiang stepped up to solve Xu Zheng’s urgent need and took the initiative to star in his movie.

Therefore, to Xu Zheng, Wang Baoqiang has extraordinary significance. For Wang Baoqiang, the most important person is Chen Sicheng.

The two of them had known each other before Wang Baoqiang was on fire. At that time, Chen Sicheng was particularly interested in Wang Baoqiang after watching “The Blind Well”, so he and the entire crew recommended him and asked him to appear in the TV series at the time. A role.

And the friendship between the two began at that time, including the subsequent “Soldier Assault”, which made them good brothers who talked about everything.

After that, Baoqiang can be said to be like a hangover, and his career development is booming. But at the same time, there was a major crisis in his love life, and even money couldn’t be turned around for a while. At that time, many people even accused Baoqiang of not being as simple as we thought.

For a time, the guidance of public opinion and the pressure of the economy squeezed him out of breath, and he had no choice but to borrow money from Chen Sicheng for emergency. At that time, after Chen Sicheng knew of this situation, he directly transferred 3 million yuan to Wang Baoqiang without any second words, and at the same time he also added a sentence of “Come on, brothers.”

It was these four ordinary words that made Wang Baoqiang remember for a lifetime. Therefore, when Baoqiang learned that Chen Sicheng was going to shoot “Tang Detective”, he did not hesitate to refuse Xu Zheng’s invitation to “Gang囧” and directly chose to help his brother. It was because Bao Qiang was already a big hit at the time, but Chen Sicheng was still a young director with no works.

In fact, for many audiences, what they like is Bao Qiang’s kind and honest character. I still remember when he returned to the running man, countless viewers of the running man felt ecstatic.

Even Deng Chao and Wang Zulan were so excited that they couldn’t speak after seeing Baoqiang. It can be said that as long as there is a place with Baoqiang, there is always laughter and laughter. It is also because of the running man’s program that more and more viewers start to like Baoqiang.

Such a good actor who is funny and not lacking in strength, even if he does not have enough appearance, can still develop in the circle for a long time, and hope that Baoqiang can find his own happiness as soon as possible!


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