When to replace the brake pads for motorcycles?

When to replace the brake pads for motorcycles?

  • Motorbikes now use many forks.
  • Some brothers still do not pay attention to replacing the brake pads (dad wins), which leads to the problem of having no cheeks.
  • Not replacing the brake pads can lead to danger for yourself.
  • Money instead of Dad wins instead of replacing the disc and the father if all the brake pads are used.
  • Vehicles using front and rear disc brakes may wear the front brake pads faster because of more use.


Some large displacement vehicles use dual disc brakes on the front wheels

You should pay attention to the brakes of your car. If you go with some of these signs, you can go to the company or repaired places to check and replace the brake pads: each time the brake press sounds strange or the sound of a safe (2 pieces of metal scraping together) , brake no longer eat.


Cheeks about 20%, running a little more time

You can also check your brake pads with your eyes, lean down to look at the brake pads to see if there is more. If it is still ok to go ahead, if there are few or all, then I should go to replace the new brake pads. In case you do not care about the end of the brake pads, the ear muffs are happy to damage the plate, replacement is quite expensive. Do you see any other case to see when it's time to replace the brake pads?


One father and one worn into the iron leaf

Brake pads worn due to many different reasons so I can not say exactly how many kilometers should replace the brake pads once. Besides, you should use the new old disc, don't play the old one. Also, when you go home, wash the car, you should clean the disc as well, let the sand and all that go away to avoid scratching the plate and making unpleasant noise.

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