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In the fast-changing racing field, any mistake in operation may be the smallest difference or thousands of miles away. In the previous series of articles, Moto7 has introduced you how to master the rhythm of riding, and also pointed out this link. The importance of. And what I’m going to introduce today is one of the details-how to master the correct timing of exiting and accelerating. This is a common problem for many knights, and it is also one of the decisive points when drivers compete on the track. How to find the right time to make up the throttle when leaving the corner? Keith Code has a complete statement in A Twist of the Wrist, let’s explore what he said!

The timing and method of fueling is a key factor in the competition between drivers.

But first let’s talk about the background of Keith Code! The “Turning Bible” video that is widely admired by car fans on the Internet. The host is Keith Code. In 1979, he co-founded California SuperBike School (California Motorsport School). His books are A Twist of the Wrist, The Soft Science. of Roadracing, A Twist of the Wrist II. The book that has appeared many times in the film is A Twist of the Wrist II. In fact, the bible film of the curve is A Twist of the Wrist II DVD. From the title “Twist of the Wrist” that appears repeatedly above, we can also see Keith’s central idea, which is to use the throttle control to effectively maintain the stability of the body and achieve perfect driving.

“Bend the Road Bible” compiled by Keith Code-A TWIST OF THE WRIST.

Regarding turning on the throttle in a bend, what Code wants to express is:

  1. Find a “point” in the corner and turn on the throttle. This point can also be before apex.
  2. Maintain a stable open state, provide an acceleration of 0.1~0.2G, increase the positive force of the rear wheels, and meet the ratio of grip provided by the front and rear tires.
  3. When the body becomes more and more upright, the range of oil opening can be greatly increased, and the exit acceleration can be accelerated, and even at a certain point, it can be boldly opened.

Note from the webmaster:

  1. After finding a point in the turn to turn on the throttle, avoid turning off the throttle again. Even if you slip, you should not suddenly close the throttle, otherwise it will easily cause a more serious Highside accident.
  2. If the throttle is turned on, but a run wide is found and you must slow down again, it means that the throttle was turned on too early.
  3. From the middle of the corner to the exit, when to let the body stand upright and how much the throttle can be opened, this is a personal training. It needs to rely on the rider’s own sense of car and riding experience. At the same time, it is also the decisive point in the circuit. How this step is performed will reflect when the next corner is entered.

It can be judged when the body can stand upright and when to open the throttle boldly.

Even if the rear wheels start to slip, you can’t close the throttle rashly.

There is an interesting arrangement in the laying out in the Bend Road Bible film, which is about the concept of threading, which is mentioned after almost all the lessons. The intention is to answer why the best throttle point cannot be found, because the line is not good. This kind of reverse teaching method is very interesting (top-down), I wonder if it is more effective for novice knights than the bottom-up method.

There are also mentions of the concept of SR (response to survival) in the film, and there are so many kinds of SR regulations. The station master always thinks that riding a bicycle is not learning to control the car, but learning to control his body, which coincides with each other. After all, the rider is more like a passenger than the controller to the entire vehicle state.

As far as the vehicle is concerned, the rider is more like a passenger than a controller.

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