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When to buy the MacBook Pro, when to buy the MacBook Air

Apple has updated the MacBook range to make it easier to understand and buy, and if you are preparing MacBooks, read this article to choose the best laptop for you and not waste money.
If you are an office or studying economics, there are no special requirements for software, computing, you don't play heavy games, then the MacBook Air is for you. The MacBook Air can handle almost everything about documents, spreadsheets, and presentation files, but if your company uses online tools, the MacBook Air can handle them all. Entertainment tasks such as watching videos, surfing the web, playing basic games … are not difficult at all.

And the MacBook Air from 2018 onwards is great, it has a slimmer front screen, a lightweight design that is easy to carry anywhere you need, and has a very handy Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The battery of the phone has 12 hours of web surfing, extra for a day of study or work. The MacBook Air has a very pink pink color, which is suitable for girls who want not only a good machine but also a beauty.

A small tip for you needs to store a lot on your computer: you should buy MacBook Air with a 256GB SSD or more, but 128GB is afraid to use it for a long time. If you save the file mainly on the cloud, you can use 128GB SSD, then you should take advantage of Selective Sync feature of Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive … to sync only the data needed down the machine, remaining leave on the cloud for health.

MacBook Air costs from $ 1099 without tax.

If you need the power and compact: MacBook Pro 13

More expensive than Air $ 200 is the MacBook Pro 13. The latest MacBook Pro 13 (Mid 2019) has moved to use Core i5 CPU with 4 cores, while Air has only 2 cores so the Pro is stronger, runs faster and can be used for some technical tasks, such as who do programming, system administration, often have to handle videos or images at a relative level … Basic things that Air can do then Pro 13 must have done well.

The MacBook Pro 13 "has an extra touch element, Touch Bar, which is a small touch screen above the keyboard. In fact, this doesn't help you much in the process of using a computer, but if so If you play on the MacBook Pro, you have no other choice (in the past, Apple made a MacBook Pro without Touch Bar, but now they have stopped producing that line.) More valuable is the Touch ID fingerprint sensor for you to unlock. computer is fast and convenient.

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The MacBook Pro 13 is still thin, not too much deviated from the Air, so carrying it is still easy. Battery life is slightly worse, only 10 hours, but enough for a day of work and study. Note that the actual usage time is usually less, about 8 hours, because it depends on your screen brightness.

Note that the MacBook Pro 13 has 2 types: type with 2 USB-C ports, and 4 USB-C ports. The 2-port model starts at $ 1299, while the 4-port version is priced at $ 1799. Of course, this $ 300 difference not only adds ports, you also have a 256GB SSD (doubled), a much more powerful CPU (the basic pulse increases from 1.4GHz to 2.4GHz, and the CPU type is also Stronger line), the graphics processor runs faster.

If you need the power and spacious screen: MacBook Pro 15

This is the most powerful line, can handle almost every task you require, and also the most expensive laptop line. The MacBook Pro 15 "has great strengths as a spacious workspace, you can put 2-3 windows up at the same time without feeling cramped. In addition, the Pro 15's screen is also bright, the best in MacBook series, when used feel very well. Speakers are also better than Pro 13 ".

The CPU in the MacBook Pro 15 "is a Core i7 6 or 8 core, much more powerful than the MacBook Pro 13" and much more than the Air. If you have a lot of tasks to do, for example, if you run scripts that handle data, you will see the difference. It also has discrete GPUs, which are necessary for you to handle video and images. Pro 13 "does not have a discrete GPU, just use the integrated GPU in the CPU, the difference is quite good.

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In return for the power and the wide screen is the less battery life, I actually use the MacBook Pro 15 "only 7-8 hours is the best (screen brightness ranges from 90% to 100%). If you adjust the screen If I go dark, I will get 10 hours like Apple, but I don't like to be dark so just keep using it for me.

By default, all MacBook Pro 15s have 4 USB-C ports, so you don't need to worry about this as Pro 13. In addition, every MacBook Pro 15 "has 16GB or more RAM, with a majority of them. everybody.

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