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When the brain smokes profiteers intensively reorganizes, the generations of mobile gaming circles are wiped out

2020 is about to pass, and the mobile game circle has produced a lot of flowers in one year. From the honey operation at the beginning of “Battle of Double Pamish” to the “Brother Shaohao” of “The Solver”, some of the games are about to top the fun of the game itself. And a recent mobile game on behalf of the liver circle, definitely counted as the top ten on the whole list of last year.

Past review

To say that this year’s most controversial mobile game, “Princess Link” must be regarded as a strong contender. Whether it was the excessive out-of-circle propaganda at the beginning, or the later “protractor to fight the union war”, the people who eat melons were screaming. Then recently, “Princess Connection” has another major incident, and this time it affects more than “Princess Connection” itself. A group of game players also lie down.

To explain the ins and outs of things, you must first introduce the “farm” in “Princess Link”. First of all, the guild in the game has a “gift equipment” function. Players can put forward the equipment they lack. If players in the same guild have redundant equipment of the same kind, they can be given to the players who need them.

At the same time, players can also borrow their own characters and get rental fees (mana) from the borrowed players.

In fact, this is a very normal function, and many mobile games have similar mechanisms. However, “Princess Link” has a group of players who are particularly good at tidying up. They can play the ordinary union war into a hadron collider with precise control, and play the ordinary PvP mode into the history of Irish gangsters.

“Do you play games without using a protractor to act on characters?”

“Let me make a condition that you can’t refuse”

“Farm” means that in a guild, only one player is the real player, and the remaining members are all toolmen. These tool people are responsible for sending a large amount of equipment to the only player every day and borrowing his recruitable characters many times. In this way, this player can obtain a lot of important resources.

Thousands of routines shocked honest players for a whole year

This mode is very similar to a swarm, the player is the queen. The most primitive model of this type of farm is that a player registers dozens of trumpet accounts and sends resources to his trumpet every day. This is purely exchanging liver and life for a little bit of reward, bringing the fine tradition of hardship and simplicity to the level of performance art.

Seeing this business opportunity, profiteers are naturally eager for it. They first replaced the trumpet in the farm with a script number. In this way, as long as they “customized service” with them, a large number of robot trumpets will give you mana and equipment every day. Over the long term, the accumulated advantages are very obvious.

“Well, this demand can be passed, and the things that technology can achieve don’t use manpower.”

This is naturally very unfair to players of normal games, because “Princess Link” is actually a very heavy PvP game, and there is still a serious level of training. And once this set of things uses scripts, the cost of copying will become very low. Therefore, more and more people have joined the industry of “farmers”, and the business of profiteers is getting better and better.

The most serious problem is that because the violators are those using scripted trumpets, the players who received the gift did not violate the rules during the game, so it is difficult to ban them for this reason. If the beneficiary players are to be banned, a question will arise: If someone wants to frame a player and give him resources with a bunch of scripted numbers, how should we deal with it and how should we distinguish it?

This situation will actually happen. The first offline online game “Warframe” in the universe is very demanding in the handling of the Krypton token “Platinum”. If someone gives the player illegal platinum (black gold), the player who receives the gift will be officially punished; if the black gold is received during the transaction, it will be deducted from the player’s account. If the deduction is negative, it will be blocked. The account can be unlocked only if the value is positive.

This is a model for merchants to use plug-ins to make money (the network connection does not respond)

Although this one-size-fits-all approach has improved the trading environment of “Warframe”, it has also brought many problems to the game. Many old players will advise after the newcomers enter the pit: Don’t collect gifts indiscriminately, they may come to blast. And blasting an enemy with black gold has also become a twisted means of revenge.

Station B, the operator of “Princess Link”, was obviously unwilling to go to that point, so no similar measures were taken. Although in May, a large number of “farm” trumpets were banned at station B, there is still no one-size-fits-all approach for players who purchase “farm” services.

No kidding, this is part of the ban on that day

However, the cost of the script trumpet is low after all, so soon after the old account is banned, a new farm trumpet will appear. The seller may believe that this method is still within the scope of the safety of the sideball, and has opened up the traditional skill of profiteers: gaining an inch.

If the whole thing means sneaking into the chicken farm to steal eggs, then the high-intensity whole thing means sneaking into the chicken farm covered with asphalt, and then three Thomas maneuvers to steal the eggs.

So just a while ago, there was a very large “Princess Link” Liver Store that did a high-intensity reorganization: they thought the scripting model of building a small account was too troublesome, so they directly adopted the “packet hanging” method.

“Packaging” is a kind of plug-in method with complicated operation and extremely high efficiency, but with extremely high risk index. Simply put, it is to get the packet data sent by the game to the server, and then simulate this data and send it to the server. In this way, people who provide farm services don’t even need a game client anymore, and just send a bunch of game data directly to the server at station B.

“Products need to evolve, and iterative updates can occupy more markets.”

For example, it is as if unscrupulous real estate developers are no longer satisfied with the construction of tofu dregs projects, but directly build a row of sceneries with only one wall, telling you that this is the latest high-end community, and the faucet that pierces the basin next to it is Poseidon fountain.

It is really a building, suitable for manual liver replacement

Being so arrogant, naturally it will not survive for three days. Here I have to sigh again about the greed and brain circuits of these profiteers. Maybe they have been committed to breaking the logic of fair games for a long time and have lost the ability to apply normal logic to real life.

So on the evening of September 11, station B called the police and arrested the owners of the three largest farm service shops in “Princess Link”.

At this time, everyone also discovered a commercial conspiracy: it turns out that the owners of the three large competing stores are all the same person.

For shopping, it’s natural to shop around to get the best deal

The shopkeeper went directly to the police station, and while drinking tea with Sir, the players began to apply for refunds in large numbers. Fortunately, those who applied for a refund have basically been refunded successfully, a little bit more conscience than ofo.

Rude and direct

This incident shocked all those involved in the “Princess Link” plug-in and farm business. They might not have expected that the determination of station B to remediate this time was so strong, and they did not expect that the industry they were engaged in was so dangerous. So overnight, a large number of “Princess Link” farm merchants fled from Taobao.

Then, the shock wave spread to other games.

There is a concept in FGO that is very similar to the farm of “Princess Link”: since the game can use friendship points to draw out five-star dog food and four-star dog food, the original cheap friendship point card pool has increased in value. The biggest source of friendship points is the use of a friend’s helper spirit, or your own helper spirit is used by a friend.

So this game mechanism can also be used. Just find a bunch of trumpets and use a script to help a player desperately, and he can get a lot of friendship points. The development resources that can be drawn from these friendship points are massive. So for a long time, when the player wanted to find someone to manually replace the “dog food” in the liver game, someone would suggest him to try this routine.

The beginning of FGO “farmization”

The similar farm mechanism puts everyone on Taobao’s Liver in danger. As a result, various FGO livers have also been removed from the shelves. This also caused a domino reaction. It is said that even the number of normal manual liver replacements is now much less.

Similar situations are happening in many mobile games, because first of all, the three big stores that were hit contained many of the game’s liver replacement services, and now they are all prohibited from accessing the server. At present, games that are more or less affected include “Onmyoji”, “Overwatch”, “Glory of the King”, “Jian Wang 3” and so on. However, these games are not under the control of Station B after all, and they are very large, and there are still people taking risks to provide services.

Don’t worry, it’s just a technical adjustment.jpg

In the past ten years of game development, the plug-in industry has developed rapidly, and many are no longer plug-ins, but have used a special way to push the resource output of game mechanisms to the extreme. This type of farm actually originated from resource vendors in SLG games.

Resource dealers are a very famous gray industry in SLG games. Yes, its huge degree has become an industry. In this type of game, players usually need to collect various resources for development, and resources are generally randomly generated. According to the planners’ design, most of the resources will be wasted, and no one will collect them until they disappear.

A large number of scripts are responsible for collection

Therefore, the resource dealer studio used the script trumpet and the package hanging method to send a large number of robot trumpets to collect the whole picture, and then concentrated the resources on an account that did not involve scripts and plug-ins, and then resold it to players, or directly let them The player just grabbed it. As for the opened trumpet, the production cost is very low anyway, even if it is blocked, it does not matter. And it is difficult for officials to increase the speed of the ban faster than the speed of resource transfer.

It’s useless to report it. The communication is also a trumpet that can be discarded at any time.

This model of using the principle of “money laundering” makes it difficult for game operators to deal with, after all, just like it is impossible to add a tracker to every banknote, it is also difficult for them to track the source of every resource. This type of “game-assisted” industry replicates the gang’s routine: the class is clear, the bottom is used as cannon fodder, and it is not directly connected with the high-level or customers-and finally landed on money laundering. Extremely difficult to eradicate.

What’s interesting is that during this period, there were some liver substitute players who had acted against the wind to raise their prices. After all, things were rare and expensive. This is reminiscent of the Prohibition Period in the United States in the 1920s. Prohibition spawned a lot of gang activities and caused the price of bootleg alcohol to skyrocket.

Prohibition and the gang

Maybe in the near future, the real black production forces will end the game to control the game plug-in industry, let us accelerate into the era of cyberpunk. This is not all joking, because gangs actually have many side businesses that ordinary people can’t think of. For example, Spanish gangs are involved in stealing waste cardboard, smuggling and recycling them, and relying on waste cardboard in a city in Madrid can earn millions of euros. The above annual profit.

“Jinshan Silver Mine”

However, although this kind of “farm plug-in” game support services are still in the category of scoring, everyone must be careful. Because this matter not only undermines the spirit of fair competition, but also those unscrupulous businesses really don’t care about everyone’s accounts. Just look at the homepage propaganda picture of one of the protagonists of this article, “** Liver” Taobao shop:

You can always “trust” the guarantee map made by the gray production business with the pirated PS

Those friends who can smell business opportunities should be even more careful. They are crying in tears as they ask for wealth and danger. Although our game cheating control is not as strict as the legislation of Japan and South Korea, the punishment is still heavy, and there is an increasingly regular trend.

In recent years, more and more game plug-in manufacturers have fallen off the horse, and some jokes have been made in the middle. For example, the doctoral student who helped someone write the “Tianlong Ba Bu” plug-in with a monthly salary of 4,000 last year did not realize until he was arrested that others made more than 3 million yuan with his plug-in.

This loss can be called a sand sculpture version of Breaking Bad

However, it is not advisable to throw the responsibility of the plug-in to the player. This is like siege and defense of the city, the equipment they use will gradually upgrade, temporarily suppressing each other, trying to achieve a balance that may not exist at all.

Perhaps the responsibility for eliminating sideballs lies with the game operator, but to exploit loopholes for the benefit of this kind of confrontation is to involve yourself in a war. Maybe some people can make war fortune, but more people will become cannon fodder.

So, playing games fairly and then eating melons and watching jokes is not a good thing.

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