When President Trump's impeachment trial began, the Democratic Party's agenda came true

When President Trump’s impeachment trial began, the Democratic Party’s agenda came true

A month ago, the Biden group and its Democratic allies in Congress had a key plan to bolster their radical agenda.

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Impeach Donald Trump for the second time, accusing him of inciting riots at the Capitol. Level up the COVID-19 vaccine distribution program and try through the stimulus package. Apply climate policies. And seeks to raise the national minimum wage to $ 15 an hour.

Just a few short weeks after Joe Biden’s presidency, those liberal ambitions became visibly economically and politically apparent as Trump’s impeachment trial took place on Tuesday in Shanghai. institute.

Richard Trumka, the head of the multi-million-dollar AFL-CIO in favor of Biden’s election, criticized the new president’s climate policies over the weekend because it caused thousands of jobs. “evaporate” with the closure of the Keystone pipeline from Canada.

Gasoline prices, which heavily affect the working class, are showing signs of escalation.

The Congressional Budget Office on Monday warned that Democrats’ plan to impose a minimum wage of $ 15 an hour would lose 1.4 million jobs, further increasing unemployment.

A new Just the News poll shows similar results, as a majority of Americans believe that raising the minimum wage will be a ‘job-killing’ policy.

Twenty days after his presidency, Mr. Biden had been hoping for a bipartisan COVID stimulus bill but it failed due to lack of Republican support. And now, even some Democrats, like former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, are questioning whether the current $ 1.9 trillion level is too much.

Incumbent Finance Minister Janet Yellen also warned that inflation would create a deficit in government spending, saying it was a “risk” of Mr. Biden’s stimulus plan.

Meanwhile, gossip about Americans getting vaccinated quickly has brought up the current shortage of supplies and disorganized local healthcare systems, as well as concerns that new variants of Corona viruses can pose long-term challenges.

And the unconstitutional lawsuit that Mr. Trump incited riot at the Capitol with his speech on January 6, has brought further deep cracks. Less than half a dozen Republicans are convinced [về vụ luận tội] as the facts increasingly show that the riots were not spontaneous but rather planned for days and weeks in advance with fundraising, training and threats.

Even the former Capitol sheriff sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying the attacks demonstrated a “high degree of coordination”, further undermining the Party’s spontaneous agitation. Democracy.

The likelihood of accusing Mr Trump has dwindled as evidence of the pre-planned riot grew, and Democrats were now excited that they could end the possibility of the President. 45th may return to office, which is urging the trial to end quickly as the acquittal is likely to happen.

The Senate trial began on Tuesday with a debate over whether it was constitutional, with Chief Justice John Roberts refusing to chair, and Mr Trump’s dismissal.

Once expected by Democrats, they now feel the trial as a burden as other factors pose obstacles and challenges to Mr. Biden’s agenda.

Even Mr. Biden himself is not interested in monitoring the trial, according to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Recent events are reminiscent of an old adage that in Washington it’s a lot easier to say what you’re going to do than it is to do it.

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