When it first started broadcasting, it was scored 9.7 points by 12,000 people, and another popular new drama was born!

When it first started broadcasting, it was scored 9.7 points by 12,000 people, and another popular new drama was born!

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In June of this year, the South Korean ratings hit “Top Floor” returned, and the third season was offered, which once again detonated the ratings, but the word-of-mouth is still hard to say, and this season has not been so exciting and enjoyable to chase it. It may be a bit tired of chasing. No matter how exaggerated the plot, there is nothing to feel.

In June, the most anticipated new drama is not the third season of “Top Tower”, but another comeback drama: the second season of “The Life of Doctor Wit”.

Starting on June 17, the second season of “The Wit Doctor’s Life” produced by TVN, after the first episode was broadcast, it exploded in word of mouth.

On the Douban platform, the latest score for the second season of “Doctor Wisdom Life” is 9.7 points, with more than 12,000 scorers, and the five-star praise accounted for 89%. It is the highest rated Korean drama so far in 2021.

The director is still Shen Yuanhao, the cast has not changed, and the realistic style and superb standard of the first season are maintained, and the five doctors at the Lu Ji Hospital tell a warm and moving story.

The story of the first episode is enough to cry tears, “The Life of Doctor Wit” is really too easy to cry. In the first season, there are tears in every episode, and there are also touching plots, and it is true that there are laughs and tears. .

What’s more, “The Wit Doctor’s Life” also has a depth, and in the first episode, it also has a focused theme.

A woman was pregnant for 18 weeks, and the amniotic membrane broke in the early stage, which may not be able to save the baby. A female doctor suggested to get rid of it, but the chances of keeping it are small. The woman was unwilling and applied for a change of doctor, the beloved Dr. Liang Shuoheng. After diagnosis, Liang Shuoheng came to a different conclusion and suggested that she should take care of the baby before observing. What he saw was a positive side. .

For the same woman, Qiu Minhe wrote the medical records on the same day. They only changed a doctor, but the recorded medical records were completely different. The different conclusions made by the two doctors are all about the decision of a life, but one is death, and the other is that there is hope for life.

The ending of the first episode is also very clever. The focus of “The Life of Doctor Wit” is about friendship. Cai Songhe told Li Yixi not to confess to her, because once confessed, it is impossible to continue to be good friends. Li Yixi listened while listening. Smiling, nodding without saying a word, it looks like an emotional scene without any surprises, but in fact the emotional tension is strong.

As soon as it started broadcasting, it rushed to 9.7 points. The second season of “The Wit Doctor’s Life” really lived up to expectations. This new work is more worth chasing than the third season of “Top Floor”.


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