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When do you need to replace your car battery?

Battery is one of the most important parts of a motorcycle, but because it is "hidden" in the car, it is rarely noticed. As a motorbike user, you should pay attention to the signs below to know when the car is "weak enough" to be able to replace the bottle in a timely manner, to avoid the situation where the vehicle is no longer available or running.

When should I replace the battery?

The following signs show that the time has come for you to replace the battery:

  • Very small squeaks, broken voices, or heard the sound of "slurping" (stretching, not breaking), being "lost"
  • If the device is difficult or even impossible, you must start running
  • The light is not as bright as usual, the turn signal is not as bright as usual
  • Cold start hard: cold start is the first start of the day, if every day you find the problem is difficult, it is likely to be the battery most

The life of the battery usually pulls the oil for about 2 years with water battery (using acid solution), and for about 3 years with dry battery (airtight battery, this type is now much used). In the past, we still used water batteries, we still have the concept of "bottle of water", now that we have switched to using many dry bottles, so we only replace the bottle.

If the bottle is empty, what difficulties will you encounter?

First of all, the headlights and the main lights of the car will not function as designed, the light emits less, and the sound of the turn may be smaller than usual. This makes it more difficult to observe the road in the evening, others don't see your signal clearly when you need to redirect, in short, it is easier to get into accidents.

Another annoyance is that the car can't handle it. In the morning, when preparing to go to work, there was a risk of late work when a car was up. In addition, if I have been in a case of a girlfriend's LEAD after a difficult period of time to forget to replace the bottle, it will no longer work until 1 day, but that LEAD car does not have bicycles (or I have don't know), so I have to take the unit to replace the bottle, then the car will run again. Good thing, it doesn't need to run away that day, not a piece.

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Another situation that I have not seen but heard: shallow batteries that continue to use for a long time can cause harm, danger to fire safety. This is not clear whether it is true or not, thanks to the verified driver.

Should dry batteries be recharged?

In the past, I used dry batteries, but not for motorcycles, but to power my home router system when the power was cut off (during the 2013-2014 period, there was a lot of power outage). I charge it with the charger, I feel that normal use has no problems, but I'm not sure this is what I should do. This part is thanks to you subtly consulted by commenting on the post, after having an answer from you, I will update to the lesson.

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The picture above is the map I used to recharge the battery, also cheap, about 250,000 VND in 2013, now the price is approximate like this or cheaper. But when the motorbike is used for a long time, we need to recharge it. I bought it because I need to charge it regularly after using the router. Recently, there was no power outage so I no longer used this charger and homemade battery system.

Duy Luân

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