WhatsApp launches blacklisted contacts feature: here’s how it works

“The new blacklist feature will let you prevent contacts from adding you to unwanted WhatsApp groups”

Facebook’s WhatsApp has added new privacy features to its platform. Users of popular messaging apps can now blacklist contacts to add them to unwanted WhatsApp groups. Users must update their WhatsApp version to for iOS (not yet available for all users) and 2.19.298 for Android to receive updated group settings. You will see the option to blacklist your contacts with the latest updates under Privacy.

How to blacklist WhatsApp contacts

To activate the feature, go to the “Settings” menu and click on “Privacy” where you will see the “Group” option.

Here, the options will include “Everyone”, “My Contacts” and “My Contacts …”.

Choosing the last option will take you to a new page with a list of all your contacts-just select and check the contacts you want to blacklist in the bottom right corner.

That’s all you need to blacklist your WhatsApp contacts!

WhatsApp removed the “No one” option and added “My contacts other than …” in the group privacy settings, allowing you to blacklist your contacts. In addition to “Except My Contacts …”, the group privacy settings include “Everyone” and “My Contacts” options.

The blacklist feature is slightly different from the blocking feature of WhatsApp. The latter prohibits others from viewing your “last seen / online” status, profile photo, sending a message, or making a call. At the same time, the WhatsApp blacklist feature will only prevent group administrators from adding you to the group. Blacklisted contacts can only invite you to join a group. Such contacts will still be able to send you messages, contact you or view your profile photo and “Last seen”.

In related news, WhatsApp has started rolling out new privacy settings for groups, allowing users to choose who can add them to global groups. This setting was initially limited to Indian users. However, as new updates are released, more users across the country will be able to use the new privacy features, including blacklists. In addition, WhatsApp is also developing a new dark mode feature that is expected to be available to end users soon.

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